The aerospace industry faces some unique challenges.

Volatility in the geopolitical and economic environment continues to make day-to-day operations more difficult, as do challenges across the supply chain, rising costs and onerous regulatory and compliance requirements and restrictions.

Typically insurers consider anything not relating to aircraft flying operations, or space, as ‘aerospace’ business. We have experience working with major airframe manufacturers, component manufacturers, aviation suppliers, fuelling operations, aviation contractors, airports, authorities, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), maintenance repair overhaul (MRO), grounded handlers, and other related aviation service providers.

Industry know-how developed over decades

Our aerospace team is made up of some of the most experienced practitioners in the market, combining the most technically able, with the most effective transactional brokers. We work daily with insurance and reinsurance markets around the world and have a wealth of experience when it comes to the design and management of specialist aerospace insurance programmes. Gallagher’s market position, industry knowledge and insight into how different aerospace companies operate, places us in a strong, informed position to deliver tailored insurance solutions.

Comprehensive coverage for all your risks

We design tailored insurance programmes for our clients across the entire spectrum of the aerospace industry, covering all types of physical damage, liability and associated risks. With traditional risk areas evolving and new risk exposures emerging rapidly we can deliver a comprehensive programme that extends far beyond traditional insurance solutions. Our combination of experience and specialism means that however unusual or complex your insurance needs are, you can be confident we’ll always find you the coverage you need.

Aerospace Manufacturers & Infrastructure

  • Aerospace products liability including airframe, engine, parts/components manufacturers.
  • All Risks, Hull War and Allied Perils and Aviation War Liability.
  • Premises, product/hangar keepers’ liability.
  • Airport, ATC, and other aviation liability including, Maintenance repair and overhaul, ground handling, refuelling.