At Gallagher Specialty, we take pride in our insurance claims services; our goal is to ensure efficient and successful outcomes for our clients. Our experienced in-house team has handled numerous significant and complex claims, always striving to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Our claims specialists bring a diverse range of expertise — many previously worked for major London market insurers law firms, and loss adjusters — that complements our highly experienced broking professionals. We’re strategically positioned to provide advice that blends the knowledge and experience of variety of disciplines within the sector, to our clients’ overall advantage.

In addition to this technical expertise, we leverage our strong relationships with major insurers and their legal representatives to advocate for your interests during the insurance claims process.

Meet the team

A highly experienced claims advocate leads each Claims unit.

Aerospace Steve Wilkinson, Senior Partner — 020 4511 4610
Art, Jewelry & Specie Richard Knott, Director — 020 7204 8580
Casualty Adrian Wyatt, Director — 020 7204 8951
Bill Dyer, Partner — 020 3425 3291
Construction Gareth Boyce, Executive Director — 020 7204 8955
Energy Ken Kavanagh, Executive Partner — 07500 109656
Gallagher General Aviation Sophie Sparks, Head of Claims — 020 4511 4612
Marine Matthew McCabe, Executive Director — 020 7204 6200
Professional Risks Gareth Boyce, Executive Director — 020 7204 8955
Property Stephen Huckstepp, Director — 020 7204 6063

What our claims advocates offer

Throughout the entire lifecycle of your claim, we actively engage with you and act on your behalf in interactions with insurers. From the initial notification to the final settlement, we provide comprehensive advice, counsel and strategic guidance, striving to provide our clients with the optimal claims journey.

Our integrated claims team offers the following key service benefits:

  • Collaborative team approach: For complex claims, we involve two team members to ensure continuity and consistent availability, and to facilitate insightful discussions for the best strategic steps forward.
  • In-depth understanding: Our claims professionals take the time to understand your business and objectives, allowing us to tailor our services to your unique needs.
  • Conflict management: We have robust procedures and depth of skilled resources in place to handle conflicts of interest that may arise, ensuring impartiality and protecting your best interests.
  • Extensive experience: Our team has a wealth of experience in managing various types of claims, including catastrophic events, technically complex claims and high-volume general classes.

With our commitment to delivering exceptional claims services, we’re dedicated to protecting your interests and providing you with peace of mind in every aspect of the claims process.