With clients in 50 countries — including the world's top 3 record labels and some of the most visited museums in the world — we provide disability cover for 2,500+ sports professionals, as well as global musical and athletic superstars, stadiums and the future of entertainment.

We have the strength and reach of a global broker, whilst providing a personal service. Having worked with many leading institutions, clubs and brands, our specialist team is known for our in-depth knowledge, thorough approach and service excellence when handling complex placements and major claims.

As one of the world's largest community brokers, we take enormous pride in providing essential protection for a spectrum of amateur and professional sports around the world.

Our Sports & Contingency team have excellent relationships with insurance providers across Lloyd's of London and the wider insurance community both in the London market and internationally, enabling us to find protection that is flexible and bespoke to the individual needs and exposures of a client's chosen sport.

Our sports personal accident and disability cover can include (but is not limited to):

  • Permanent Total Disablement/Career Ending
  • Temporary Total Disablement/Wage Protection
  • Accidental Death
  • Life/Death by Natural Causes
  • Catastrophe cover

Having worked with many leading athletes, clubs and brands, our collective experience and knowledge of the sports industry make us the ideal partner to advise, design and execute a comprehensive risk management programme.


We offer motorsport insurance for manufacturers, race teams, drivers and co-drivers, riders, team members, circuit owners, marshals, motorsport officials and event organisers around the globe.

Our decades of experience, insurer relationships, and diverse product mix means we understand the complexities that surround motorsport insurance. We offer motorsport insurance for manufacturers, race teams, drivers and co-drivers, riders, team members, circuit owners, marshals, motorsport officials and event organisers around the globe. We are committed to providing clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions, supported by exceptional service.

There are various reasons why people take to the track; so whether you're a professional competitor, team or rally enthusiast, we can arrange standard or more bespoke motorsport insurance policies to suit you.


We offer Media, Entertainment and Events Insurance for a variety of events including music, entertainment and sports. We also cover crew, advertising, media consultants and agencies.

We understand the risks as a business you face every day, from the challenges of new legislations and reducing budgets to the impact of a global pandemic. We are specialists in this area and as a result have strong relationships with many underwriters within these markets. This can allow us to secure specialist wordings and products that may not otherwise be available to you.

We are known for our great service, thorough approach, knowledge and resilience when handling major claims. Our small team prides itself on open, honest and frequent communications. Cover is available worldwide and we can tailor your policy to suit your unique needs. From time to time, clients find us through word of mouth and this is testament to our great service.

Our industry specific covers include:

  • Cancellation and Abandonment
  • Weather Risks
  • Non-Appearance insurance for Events


Money and success can go hand-in-hand in the entertainment sectors, with successful performance often bringing significant financial gain. You can even boast higher sales figures with promotional offers such as 'buy one, get one free' or greater customer engagement through generous prizes offered.

But what happens when the improbable becomes possible and the 'winner takes all'? Gallagher is here to insure for your success and prepare for potential worries such as over redemption or a 10,000-to-1 chance lucky win.

Prize Indemnity insurance is an effective way to offer prizes of substantial value without the need to be responsible for the payout should the prize be won. Instead, the insurance policy reimburses the prize value. In a similar way, if you are running a promotion and the uptake is much greater than anticipated, over-redemption insurance can indemnify you.

Some of the types of competitions we work with:

  • Lotteries
  • Spin the wheels
  • Envelope picks
  • Scratch cards
  • Game shows
  • Safe crack games
  • Dice rolls
  • Hole in one
  • Crossbar challenge
  • Half-court shots
  • Other games of chance or skill


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