Gallagher helps those with mining and heavy industry operations and investments across the globe to manage risk at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Our specialist teams assist mining and heavy industry companies of all sizes with their operations, projects and investments all across the globe. With our clients operating across 25 diverse commodities, from coal to gold and silver, all the way through to lithium and uranium, we have a wide array of industry-specific experience and expertise.

By enabling our clients to identify, mitigate and transfer risk effectively through the volatility of commodity cycles, they in turn are better placed to secure new commercial opportunities.

We know that as the owner of a commercial property, you want cover in place that ensures you can effectively manage risk. Our team of experts can help by supplying you with risk management solutions and specialist property insurance products that are suited to you and your property.

We have a diverse book of clients, ranging from mid-size businesses through to multinational real estate investments. This includes a vast cross-section of real estate industries, including property developers, managing agents, landlords, surveyors and developers.

Our ability to offer cover for a wide scope of properties, including non-standard construction and unoccupied properties, is attractive to clients. We are also able to provide business interruption coverage if your property happens to become uninhabitable and unable to be let out.

We have forged strong relationships with a wide selection of specialist property insurers and underwriters to ensure that you have access to the right cover at the best possible price.


Mining companies face a wide range of risks, from natural catastrophe and machinery breakdown, to potential environmental and transportation hazards, as well as financial risks. That's why it is essential to have suitable insurance in place. We design our specialist policies to offer companies protection against a variety of mining risks, so they can operate with peace of mind.

Our senior mining insurance brokers work on every account, regardless of size or premium paid, identifying potential risks and offering bespoke solutions. Rest assured that no matter the size of your operation, we can help you move forward with confidence.


Decisions you make, whether as a director or an officer of a business, can resurface months or even years later in the shape of a personal claim against you. Directors' and Officers' (D&O) insurance can help protect your personal assets in the event of legal action.

We offer (D&O) cover, including Side-A 'difference in conditions'. Liability covers include Pension Trustee Liability (PTL), Employment Practices Liability (EPL) and Transaction Liability, including Warranty and Indemnity (W&I). We also offer prospectus insurance for capital raisings, including Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and for crime.

With over 450 clients across 20 unique industries and 6 continents, our team is armed with the wide-ranging experience needed to protect the personal assets of high-net-worth individuals and the companies that rely on them for success. While we have experience of large and complex risks, even our smallest clients get the benefit of our broad experience.


We offer specialist insurance for businesses working within the jewellery, diamond, precious metals, cash and values in transit, and bullion industries.

Our team consists of 20 specialists, who take an entrepreneurial approach to finding solutions for their clients. Diamonds/precious stone in all forms, jewellery, bullion/precious metals, bank notes and currency are items requiring a complex understanding as well as awareness of insurance.

Instead of standard policy wordings and a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer a wide range of products. No matter how complex the risk, we can find an insurance solution to suit. Whether that's thanks to our global reach — we have specialists focusing on regions from the UK and Europe through to Asia, Australia and the Americas — or our unique market access and relationships, we're able to offer competitive prices and a bespoke package that fits our client's needs.


We recognise that mining companies are used to operating within unpredictable environments and understand that for them strategic risk-taking is an inherent part of success. Gallagher focuses on providing a comprehensive service to lenders and/or hedge providers, project sponsor's equity and assets, and foreign equity investors.

Political Risks Insurance (PRI) primarily protects the value of an equity investment against actions of the government, as well as more volatile aspects of a country's political, economic and security landscape, including:

  • Expropriatory Act
  • Political Violence
  • Selective Discrimination
  • Forced Abandonment 
  • Forced Divestiture
  • Deprivation
  • Currency Inconvertibility/Exchange Transfer
  • Arbitration Award Default


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