We help heavy engineering and manufacturing companies mitigate and protect themselves from the risks they face every day. Our clients include large corporate or global industrial and engineering companies, including steel companies and manufacturers.

We understand the concerns these industries face such as machinery breakdown, supply chain threats, financial risks, natural disasters, geo-political volatility, cyber, regulatory risks, and attracting and retaining a leading workforce. In fact, we have a reputation in the market for handling these risks and for designing tailored risk management programmes — including manufacturers insurance — to meet these client concerns.

We have the expertise and insurance capabilities of a global company, but the fast and friendly service of an independent broker. Our team is multi-disciplined, allowing us to make quick decisions about insurance for manufacturers, and we are experienced with dealing with long tail liability claims. We can also offer tailored advice on environmental, cyber and property, and business interruption risks.

Manufacturing and engineering properties need the right cover in place to protect the balance sheet in the event of physical damage, business interruption or machinery breakdown.

Our team of experts will help you accurately calculate your business interruption exposures and assess your declared values to avoid issues of underinsurance. This is particularly critical because of rising inflation increasing asset values, as well as the higher frequency of perils such as extreme weather and natural disasters.

We have in-house Risk Consulting and Analytics capabilities to help your business model natural catastrophe risks and exposures, and can also offer advice on extensions such as Terrorism and Sabotage insurance, Cyber and Contingent Business Interruption. We can also discuss the use of Alternative Risk Transfer (ART), should a capital market solution make sense for your business.


Businesses in many sectors are at risk of product recall, including food and beverage, restaurants, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, automotive and consumer goods. With regulatory oversight expanding, there is particular scope for consumer products to fall short of exacting safety and quality standards. Add to this the increasing complexity of global supply chains; there are liabilities for those involved at each stage of the product journey.

Our specialist team can conduct a comprehensive examination of your exposure in order to help you mitigate loss, working directly with some of the leading insurers and underwriters globally to design a programme to respond to your risk.

Whether you require Product Recall, Product Contamination or Restaurant Contamination insurance, we can negotiate coverage to help ensure your business is protected against the financial costs of a voluntary or involuntary product recall event.


In an increasingly litigious world, a comprehensive risk management strategy is more important than ever. To be truly effective, a casualty insurance programme should not only be based on a sound understanding of risk but be competitively priced and responsive to changing requirements.

Gallagher's experienced Casualty Insurance team combines service excellence with technical skill and broking ability to deliver a programme that can help you mitigate the risks your business faces every day.

We have direct access to insurers in London, the U.S., Dublin, Bermuda and Europe, and this global reach gives us access to terms and policies that are out of reach of others. We can design and place even the most complex programmes at a competitive price, taking into account your unique needs. Our casualty insurance isn't just for large companies either — we can help your business regardless of your organisation's size, industry sector or location.


Developing resilience to cyber liability is now a significant challenge for businesses of every size. Instead of offering a generic off-the-shelf cyber insurance policy, our specialist team take a consultative approach, designing a cyber-protection programme that's carefully tailored to your industry and even your particular business, from mid-size firms to multinationals.

Coverage can include:

  • Cyber extortion
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Data asset loss
  • Cost of responding to a breach
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Defence costs, civil fines and penalties
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of income
  • Multimedia liability
  • Extensions are also available for reputational damage and cyber-crime


Decisions you make, whether as a director or an officer of a business, can resurface months or even years later in the shape of a personal claim against you. Directors' and Officers' (D&O) insurance can help protect your personal assets in the event of legal action.

We offer D&O cover, including Side-A 'difference in conditions'. Liability covers include pension trustee liability (PTL), employment practices liability (EPL) and transaction liability (including Warranty and Indemnity (W&I). We also offer prospectus insurance for capital raisings, including Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and for crime.

With over 450 clients across 20 unique industries and 6 continents, our team is armed with the wide-ranging experience needed to protect the personal assets of high net worth individuals and the companies that rely on them for success. While we have experience of large and complex risks, even our smallest clients get the benefit of our broad experience.


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