We provide Crisis Management consultancy, services and insurance to help businesses anticipate, prevent, respond and recover from security risks like terrorism, kidnap and ransom, and other crises.

Our crisis management team brings together in excess of 100 years of hands-on operational and insurance market experience in the counter-terrorism, kidnap and ransom, recall, and political risks arena. We draw on our experience to develop products that protect our clients' people, assets, data and reputation in the dynamic security threat environment.

Every business and individual is at risk from terrorist attacks, and not just in capital cities. A lone terrorist, armed only with a car or handheld weapon, can cause widespread injury and property damage.

However, you don't need to be directly targeted to be severely affected. Terrorist attacks can cripple a much wider area: even if not directly affected, you could face business interruption due to denial of access, loss of attraction, and the threat of further terrorism attacks.

Anticipate, prevent, respond, recover

Our terrorism consultants can do much more than arrange a robust, competitive terrorism insurance policy for you. Since terrorist threats can now be modelled with even greater levels of sophistication, we can also help you to mitigate your risks. We can help you to anticipate and prevent a terrorism risk, and respond and recover should the worst happen.

Exclusive terrorism insurance facilities

We've developed some exclusive and market-leading terrorism facilities which reflect the true nature of current terrorism risks in the UK, the US and worldwide. These facilities are underwritten by a panel of Lloyd's syndicates and insurance companies. We work with underwriters who understand the benefits of effective terrorism risk management.

Your terrorism cover could include traditional physical damage insurance; business interruption insurance (including cover for non-damage); terrorism liability insurance; denial of access (including non-damage); cover for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) attacks; or excess protection for higher limits on non-damage cover.

Comprehensive Political Violence coverage

Gallagher's specialists can also provide a consultative service designed to help identify inherent risks and how these can be most appropriately managed, mitigated or insured.

Utilising our in-house risk consulting expertise, we can help you consider whether Terrorism cover is the most suitable option for your business. We can help you identify whether wider security risks, such as Sabotage, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion, or even War/Civil War, will need mitigation and transfer as part of your organisation's risk management strategy.

Kidnap is a rare but increasing risk in a growing number of countries — even in the West. Compounding the shock and trauma is the extra threat of ransom demands. These are risks that businesses, and even families, should take seriously.

Our specialist team works with you to assess and mitigate your risks, develop plans that can be implemented instantaneously and arrange bespoke kidnap insurance to cover your costs and provide specialist support.

Our kidnap and ransom insurance offers fast access to experienced case management officers who specialise in kidnap and ransom, extortion and piracy. They will work hard to secure the safe release of the hostage.

Country risk profiling

You'll have access to a country risk-profiling tool that helps assess destinations before travelling. It also provides travel alerts, risk heat maps, downloadable emergency information and links to useful third-party information.

Your kidnapping insurance policy

Your kidnapping insurance policy could include ransom and lost ransom insurance; extortion cover; cover for the cost of using response consultants; fees and expenses for negotiators and interpreters; travel and accommodation costs, plus additional expenses; medical and/or psychiatric care costs; interest on authorised loans to meet a ransom demand; legal liability cover; death benefit; and permanent total disability benefit.

We also offer cover for business interruption, disappearance, express kidnapping (on-the-spot ransom demands), hostage crisis, political evacuation, threats and assaults.

We are experienced in placing risks arising from both criminal and terrorist activity around the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Western Africa and the frontier of Colombia and Venezuela.

Our unique, exclusive, comprehensive crisis resilience insurance can help you anticipate, respond to and recover from 15 major crises. The insurance helps to protect you against disruption, financial loss and adverse publicity.

Usually, such broad coverage would demand multiple insurance policies — at a much higher cost. However, we cover these 15 crises:

  • Terrorism
  • Assault
  • Blackmail
  • Civil commotion
  • Cyber extortion
  • Deprivation
  • Detention
  • Disappearance
  • Emergency repatriation
  • Hijack
  • Hostage crisis
  • Kidnap
  • Product tampering
  • Sabotage
  • Stalking/threat
  • What's included in our Crisis Resilience insurance?

    Our Crisis Resilience insurance includes risk management consultancy, insurance, training and awareness building, 24/7 response consultants, online risk insights (country risk profiles and crisis management plans, for example), access to emergency funds, trauma counselling, and business recovery advice.

    We can help you repatriate stranded employees, liaise with local police, manage crisis communications, rehabilitate your reputation and more.