As a world leading risk adviser, our global aerospace practice has a proven reputation for innovation, client-focused service and performance. Our experience in this sector is unrivalled, with a comprehensive worldwide presence and a wealth of experience in working with multinational clients, designing, building and managing their global risk and insurance programmes.

We are where you need us to be, and our global teams ensure efficient, effective placement and servicing of your insurance programme anywhere in the world.

Gallagher is a leader in the airline sector representing circa 44% of the world's commercial operators. We provide specialist risk advisory and insurance placement services to over 400 airlines throughout the globe and are proud to count many of the world's leading carriers and groupings amongst our clients.

Our airline expertise includes:

  • Multi-airline groups
  • Flag carriers
  • Low cost carriers
  • Regional operators
  • Cargo operators
  • Presidential and royal air fleets
  • Governmental fleets
  • Charter operators
  • Start-up airlines
  • Aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI) operators


Gallagher is a leading specialist in this sector, providing services to aerospace organisations throughout the world. Our client base ranges from small single-location operations to some of the world’s largest organisations, with multinational operations spanning over 50 countries.

Our expertise includes:

  • Airframe and engine manufacturers
  • Systems and component manufacturers
  • Airports and terminal buildings
  • Airport authorities
  • Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and air traffic control (ATC)
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul
  • Ground handlers
  • Service providers
  • Refuellers and oil companies
  • Aviation contractors
  • Security providers
  • Materials suppliers


Gallagher has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique risks associated with this dynamic and highly diverse sector. We provide specialist risk advisory and insurance placement services to GA clients throughout the globe from private pilots and business jet operations to large commercial fleets of over 300 helicopters.

Our GA expertise includes:

  • Rotor-wing (helicopters)
  • Fixed-wing
  • Business aviation (VIP & VVIP)
  • Military and armed forces
  • Search and rescue
  • Emergency services
  • Industrial aid
  • Vintage, Warbird and racing aircraft
  • Training schools and associations
  • Airshow/event organisers
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones
  • Fixed-base operators (FBOs)

Gallagher is a leader in this sector representing lessors and financial organisations, throughout the world, including some of the largest fleets of over 2,000 aircraft. We provide specialist risk advisory and insurance placement services tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

Our expertise includes:

  • Aircraft leasing companies
  • Banks
  • Financial consortiums
  • Financial organisations


Gallagher is one of the world's leading insurance and risk management service providers to the space industry, and is one of the few broking houses with a dedicated team focused on space and satellite risks. We represent some of the world's largest, most prestigious and exciting space organisations.

Our space expertise includes:

  • Satellite owners and operators
  • Satellite service users
  • Launch service providers
  • Satellite manufacturers
  • Launch vehicle/spacecraft manufacturers
  • Systems and component manufacturers
  • Space agencies
  • Space tourism
  • Space exploration
  • Financial organisations

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