Group insurance for the corporate workforce

One of the main assets of an organisation or company is its workforce. Loss of an employee from the workforce as a result of ill health, accident or disability therefore can have far-reaching repercussions for both the company and the employee.

Our Accident, Health, and Disability policies provide employees a benefit following accident, injury or ill health that temporarily or permanently prevents them from working. Accidental Death insurance provides a lump sum benefit following the death of the insured by accident. Permanent or Partial disability insurance also provides a lump sum according to a benefit scale, should the insured be unable to work following accident or illness. Temporary Disability is also available; monthly payments help replace lost income while the insured is unable to work.

A range of covers to help protect you

Coverage provides a benefit following accident or illness of an employee that temporarily or permanently prevents them from working. As a Lloyd's broker, we are licenced to have access to both Lloyd's of London syndicates and the broader domestic and international insurance and reinsurance markets worldwide in order to structure the most appropriate solution for our clients' specific requirements.

Enhancements and extensions we offer

Our products can also be added to existing products or services — including motor or household insurance schemes, telephone rental or utilities agreements — or as an enhancement to an association or as a membership benefit.

Our Accident & Health team offers:

  • A variety of group coverages to protect against a range of risks.
  • Flexible cover with clear policy wordings, payment schedules and scale of benefits.
  • The ability to incorporate these products as an association or membership benefit.
  • Life insurance quotes and coverage.