Measure the intangible

Maximizing your organization’s DEI strategy can be a challenge, but getting DEI right can increase your workforce resilience. A December 2023 Gallagher pulse survey of just more than 400 employers found that 78% of respondents identified DEI as their top or an emerging priority. However, only 40% reported that they had completely or mostly integrated DEI into all talent strategies

Whether you are looking to reduce the employment liability risk, enhance your employer brand, or need a more standardized way to quantify progress, InclusionScore will help advance your DEI journey. Organizations hoping to attract and retain top talent must intentionally embrace DEI as a philosophy instead of a program.

InclusionScore is an interactive platform that allows you to measure, track, and review your organization's DEI strategy:

  1. Complete an assessment to define your current state.
  2. Receive and explore customized action plans based on where you are and where you want to go.

Technology that set the international diversity and inclusion standard

The InclusionScore team helped define the international standard for diversity and inclusion (D&I), now adopted by 163 countries. Known as ISO-30415, the standard presents fundamental prerequisites for D&I, associated accountabilities and responsibilities, recommended actions, suggested measures and potential outcomes. This approach recognizes that each organization is different. Decision makers must determine the most appropriate approach to embedding D&I in their organization, based on the organization's context and any disruptive challenges that emerge.

Choose your journey

Select from two programs — self-driven or consultant-guided. Each delivers a measurement system you can share with your board of directors and executive leadership teams. Each program outlines how to start, how to ramp up and how to celebrate success. Create a roadmap of your organization's DEI journey with clear measures of success.

Standardize, develop workflows, and deliver DEI as part of your company's culture:

  1. Assess your DEI infrastructure and organizational maturity
  2. Identify your top target risk areas and potential consequences across 32 risk domains, such as procurement, product development, human resources and executive responsibilities.
  3. Learn how your risk compares with industry peers, economic peers, and your supply chain.
  4. Manage your DEI programming using the ISO Lifecycle.

Take a quick pulse on your organization's DEI maturity level. Complete the form to try a mini-assessment.


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