Are you experiencing ChatGPT fatigue? Do you assume artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace you as a human resources leader? If you responded "yes" to any of these questions, join Gallagher's HR tech and HR thought leaders for a series of conversational posts about AI and HR. The good news: you're not as far behind with AI as you might think.

During 2024, Rebecca Starr, national managing director of Gallagher's HR Consulting practice and Ed Barry, national managing director of Gallagher's HR Technology Consulting practice, invite you to follow along as they put their heads together in a series of informal conversations about what is happening now and what they see coming for HR interactions with AI.

An informal look at HR and AI

Ed and Rebecca's combined perspectives offer unique value because they represent different generations, multiple industries, HR and AI expertise, and different sides of the industry.

The first installment in our AI and HR series will discuss what is and what isn't AI.

Ed and Rebecca will look at hyper-automation and machine learning and how they relate to artificial intelligence. What is "sentiment analysis"? What is "white fonting"? Find out what Gallagher's experienced advisers are seeing in the field, and learn about how your HR colleagues are using AI to do their HR jobs more efficiently.

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