90% of healthcare executives say their organizations have or are developing Telemedicine programs. As this field grows, it's important that you understand the ever-changing risks and have solutions in place to protect your bottom line.

The growth in Digital Health and Telemedicine is expected to bring a potential increase in liability claims that go beyond the risks of traditional care. Risks include:

  • Cyber loss via the telemedicine platform
  • Licensing compliance to ensure that patients and providers are within the same state
  • Potential international exposure and variations in malpractice remedy expectations and tort laws
  • Bodily injury from digital health providers based on allegations of harm from products or services
  • Inappropriate electronic communications alleged between patient and caregiver

As a leading broker and licensed reinsurance intermediary, Gallagher's Digital Health and Telemedicine team offers an innovative approach for companies with more options and lower cost. We have manuscript programs and exclusive endorsements for Telemedicine providers that contemplate their domestic and international risk exposures and address licensure issues. We offer unique programs designed specifically for your business, using a mix of traditional and nontraditional products.