90% of healthcare executives say their organizations have or are developing telemedicine programs. As this field grows, it is important that you understand the ever-changing risks and have solutions in place to protect your bottom line.

  • Telemedicine is projected to be a $64.1b industry in the U.S. alone by 2025.
  • 76% of US Hospitals connect with patients and practitioners through telehealth technology.
  • 60% of millennials favor using telehealth rather than in person visits.  
  • US employers offering telemedicine can collectively save $6b annually.  


Gallagher has the expertise and resources to help you with you reduce your total cost of risk and improve profitability.  

Download our free resources to learn how to manage this evolving risk. 

  • Telemedicine and the Challenge of a Patient Compensation Fund: This whitepaper is designed to help telemedicine companies have a better understanding of E&S coverage and PCF’s.  
  • Medical Professional Liability Risks of Telemedicine Services: This whitepaper takes a deep dive into liability insurance coverage solutions for telemedicine providers.
  • Know Your Limits: A guide to understanding disciplinary actions coverage as it relates to telemedicine.
  • Telemedicine: The Future is Now: An on-demand webinar that will identify and discuss regulatory and liability risks and provide real life claims examples and insurance solutions for this quickly evolving field.

Telemedicine: The Future is Now

An on-demand webinar that will discuss risks and insurance solutions for the telemedicine industry.

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