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Gallagher understands the sensitive nature of child sexual abuse, and is committed to bringing together our expertise and additional outside resources to help address the related exposures. We know that helping clients to properly prepare and respond doesn't stop with identifying proper coverage. To create real and lasting solutions, the crisis must be systemically addressed from multiple angles. By taking a holistic approach, Gallagher can work alongside you to prioritize and identify best practices for the prevention, analysis and management of claims, and stay on top of evolving trends. We're committed to taking positive steps toward these solutions.

Building on our commitment to addressing this crisis, Gallagher's leadership brought together a dynamic group of public sector, nonprofit and education experts to broaden the discussion and drive meaningful change. We convened national experts to assist in crafting the agenda and defining expected outcomes. This team, and all of our symposium participants, were integral to the success of the event.


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In November 2022, Gallagher held the Transforming the Trend — Working Together to Disrupt the Pattern of Child Sexual Abuse symposium. We engaged national experts and thought leaders from K-12 schools, nonprofits, religious organizations, higher education institutions and the insurance industry to have an open conversation about the ongoing risk of child sexual abuse, in order to drive and sustain meaningful change.

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The following links are intended to establish shared knowledge of the current environment and includes information from multiple sources and perspectives. The author's presentations are their own individual views and opinions, and not those of their employers.

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