Gallagher's Workplace Trends Report: Workplace Wellbeing Index, now in its third year, remains Australia's most extensive study on employee well-being and its influence on business results.

Against a backdrop of increasing legal obligations and 2023's battle for talent, the cost of neglecting employee wellbeing can come at a substantial cost. Gone are the days when employee satisfaction was solely measured by salary and job security.

Today, forward-thinking companies understand that a healthy and engaged workforce is the key to achieving sustainable growth and maintaining a competitive edge. From reduced absenteeism and increased productivity to enhanced creativity and improved employee retention, the impact of employee wellbeing on organisational performance cannot be overstated.

Our data-driven insights provides a strong business case for prioritising workplace wellbeing and underlines the impact it has on organisational performance. Download the report today and stay ahead of your competitors.

Unpacking 3 Key Trends

Financial wellbeing reaches a critical point and low wellbeing continues as a growing risk that impacts the bottom line

Striking the balance between remuneration and benefits — the must haves, the differentiators, and the ones to watch

Shifting the dial on wellbeing means shifting the dial on business performance