Gallagher provides insurance, risk management, and consulting services to businesses, communities, and people across the globe. We work with our other brands and outside industry partners to provide the most client-centric, expertise-driven solutions.



Gallagher Reis a full-service global reinsurance brokerage firm. Acting as a trusted advisor to our clients, we have the experience and expertise to provide clients with tailored reinsurance programs.

Gallagher Bassett
Gallagher Bassettis a Third-Party Administrator and claims manager. We guide our clients to improve their claims handling processes, guard the reputation and financial interests of our clients, and go beyond expectations to accelerate resolution.

Alternative Risk
Artexis a trusted leader and provider of alternative risk management, offering diverse (re)insurance and ILS solutions. We help clients make empowered decisions with confidence, reduce their total cost of risk and improve their return on capital.

Penis an underwriter and virtual insurer. We offer the security you would expect from an established insurer, with the innovation, niche expertise and flexibility that MGAs are known for.

provides specialist insurance and risk management solutions to an ever-changing world. We work closely with underwriters in London markets, in key global insurance centres, and with local broking partners.

RPSprovides customers the products and support needed to gain new accounts, retain existing clients, expand product offerings, and enter new niche markets.

Crombie Lockwoodis New Zealand's trusted insurance brokers with a strong reputation for helping customers and continuously evolving insurance cover to meet your changing needs.

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