This isn’t about changing root behaviours; it’s about building loyalty on top of those behaviours.

Changing the narrative

Great CX is about meeting users where they are. This isn’t about changing root behaviours; it’s about building loyalty on top of those behaviours.

Think about this: even though Amazon already had a presence on every single device out there, it also opened physical grocery stores and launched Smile so customers could give to charity while shopping. This goes way beyond simply pushing the same narrative across every bit of new media that enters the digital landscape.

It’s about changing that narrative to fit existing customer behaviours without losing focus from the core goal – and for Amazon, this is about making people use their services.

So how does this translate to the world of internal communication and EX? Probably in more ways than you think…

Laser-focused targetting

We’ve spent years focusing on creating segmentation based on all sorts of parameters: age, gender, location... But these aren’t great differentiators when looking at something as complex as human behaviour. Now that we have the tools to help us find the real connections between who people are and how they act, we can use this to make everyone’s experiences better. These could be far more complex and nuanced than broad-brush segments, but by using AI to find the patterns humans couldn’t, we can start to harness people’s truth in brand new ways.

Technology as an enabler

More than ever, technology should be an enabler right now; it should allow people to interact with information in exactly the way they want to. Chatbots give people the option of talking to a system as if it were a real person - finally making the most natural form of communication something that’s accessible without human input. Different interaction methods create different opportunities and using them in the right way is important: people don’t want to have to type in their credentials to access their bank account on their phone, they want to scan their fingerprint or face. People browsing their benefits at work don’t want to have their salary appear on screen, but at home they might. Using technology that adjusts to these behaviours creates a seamless experience where it’s just the user and the content coming together as one.

The screen as a brand showcase

The digital world is usually the first place a brand impacts its users. Think about it: if you want to find out when a shop is open and you can’t find its website, you’re immediately less likely to pay them a visit. This ‘instant answer’ culture is the same for employees: if they can’t easily find an answer to a question, they are instantly disengaged. Equally, if the online world is where employees are interacting with their employer, then that’s where culture is found. Don’t use the digital equivalent of a 90’s corporate HQ to engage with your staff - your competitors certainly won’t be. Spend the same amount of thought and care choosing how you communicate as you would choosing your office.

Raise the bar

Your EX is a crucial part of your employee value proposition – and it should be hard-wired into everything you do to motivate, engage, and excite your people.

Remember that expectations of customer experience are built across the spectrum of every company that your employees come into contact with, which means the bar is high. So, take what you know about CX and apply it to your EX – it’s a sure-fire way to make sure you are continuously learning, improving and innovating.

After all, if it’s good enough for Amazon…

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