Karen Bolan

It’s about understanding your members and responding strategically to who they are, then providing the right channels to drive ongoing member engagement.

Karen Bolan

Director, Retirement Communications

Making it work

Starting your digital journey can be challenging – we don’t pretend otherwise. Email collection can be tough, especially for pensioner groups; but the ability to stay in touch with members, particularly after they’ve moved or left the company, is crucial – personally and legally, for you and them. So think about how you can make this work on both sides.

An engaging email collection campaign extolling the virtues of community is a great place to start – as is a single sign on (SSO) offering that removes that password pain point and puts everything in one place.

This has to be about a consistent digital experience, so don’t just add new platforms with no purpose – and try to link back to your organisation’s ‘digital ecosystem’ where you can to increase member security and trust.

Regular engagement through dedicated channels is a great way to reduce your members’ exposure to the risks of scammers, which is a great way to show that you value their safety too; and building in levels of flexibility around personal preferences highlights the respect you have for their individual situation.

Member engagement in the digital age

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