We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of ROC Group, a US-based employee communication agency with an all-star roster of clients and award-winning talent.

Founded in 1998 by Janice Burnham, ROC Group helps global organizations solve complex employee experience challenges through impactful employee communications such as helping employers communicate their benefits and rewards package, bringing their diversity and inclusion commitments to life or communicating complex organizational transformation.

ROC Group’s team prides itself on delivering practical, custom-crafted communication solutions that reflect each client’s unique culture and challenges — and their work has won many awards for that very reason. This is why we are delighted to welcome Jan and her team to Gallagher. With clients across all industries, ROC Group brings an exceptional client list to the growing roster of clients we have at Gallagher.

The Communication Consulting team at Gallagher wants to help people feel different about work. From transforming workplace culture to championing employee wellbeing, our work is designed to elevate every aspect of the employee experience. So it only felt right for us to come together.

Gallagher has been investing in the communication and employee experience space from the early 2010s, with a series of acquisitions of world-class communication agencies. Each agency has brought unique expertise and skills so far, and ROC Group is a fantastic new addition to our 150-strong diverse and talented team of communicators across the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.

We know that thriving employees are at the heart of every successful business. They are motivated, committed, aligned with the direction of the organization. They act as ambassadors who are emotionally invested in what they do, driving customer satisfaction and making a positive impact on the bottom line. True engagement can only happen when employees feel valued — and great communication is the key ingredient to achieving that.