Harnessing the right technology to optimise business outcomes

In today's rapidly evolving insurance landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in driving results via innovation, enhancing operational efficiency and delivering superior customer experiences. InsurTech is therefore a topic of huge interest for all within our industry as we navigate this ever-evolving space.

Gallagher Re’s InsurTech practise vets InsurTech businesses at scale with the goal of bringing best-in-class technology into the industry through partnerships with clients, technology integration and advisory. We focus on solving business problems via technology rather than the technology itself, leveraging over 2,500 InsurTech businesses and allowing clients to benefit from our research, insights and experience.

This unique perspective leads us to concentrate on the commercial issue itself, helping clients solve problems by offering two distinct services on the two distinctive types of business seen in this space:

  • InsurTechs that are technologically enabled risk carriers
  • InsurTechs that offer technology as product and/or service to the (re)insurance industry, e.g., SaaS providers

Our expertise in the reinsurance and InsurTech sectors allows us to provide strategic guidance, reinsurance capacity solutions and implementation support to our clients and InsurTechs. Our advisory and reinsurance capacity solution aims to bridge the gap between the insurance and technology sectors, enabling our clients to capitalise on the vast opportunities of the InsurTech evolution.

Assistance through every step of your InsurTech journey

InsurTech at Gallagher Re

We serve InsurTechs:

  • By supporting clients who embark on their journeys of digitisation
  • As clients
  • As a concept — research and insights

InsurTechs as companies can be two things — digital insurers and tech providers for (re)insurers . We offer traditional broking services to the first type of InsurTech, and client advisory services for the second. We've tracked, catalogued and vetted thousands of InsurTechs in the space and continue to track market activity and conduct deep research and development.

And for clients, we guide them every step of the way — from putting their capacity to work, all the way through to advising on best back-office technology.

Providing a full suite of client advisory services

Whether you’re looking for a state-of-the-market update, are adding InsurTech as a service to your existing business or are interested in deploying risk capacity or investing, our client advisory services can help you harness the power of Insurtech.

Our place within the InsurTech ecosystem allows us to help benchmark, advise and guide your thinking around InsurTech strategy. We help define your market positioning, develop growth strategies and navigate industry challenges.

We evaluate the technological capabilities and suitability of potential InsurTech partners, ensuring alignment with our clients' business goals, including accessing our 2,500-and-growing InsurTech database that allows clients access to insights into the entire ecosystem.

We help clients streamline their operations, use technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Evaluating the technology’s added value is key to this optimisation.

We assist with the identification of potential clients, technology companies, venture capitalists involved in accelerators and start-ups, and their investors.

InsurTech at Gallagher Re

Global InsurTech Report

Our Q4 report continues a yearlong look at the funding lifecycle of InsurTechs.

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Solutions for InsurTechs that are technologically enabled risk carriers

For full-stack InsurTechs and those aiming to become licensed, we offer the following specialised reinsurance services.

Capacity risk assessment

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments for InsurTech companies, supplying insights into potential risks and recommending suitable reinsurance coverage.

Tailored reinsurance placement

We use our extensive network of reinsurance providers to secure optimal reinsurance arrangements, tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Claims management

We help InsurTech companies efficiently handle and settle claims, minimising financial impact and improving customer satisfaction.

Analytics service

Our team of experts uses advanced data analytics and modelling techniques to assess the potential impact of natural catastrophes and climate change on our clients. We help identify areas of exposure, quantify potential losses and develop risk mitigation strategies.

Meet the InsurTech leadership

InsurTech Summary

  • Unique perspective focusing on solving business problem with technology
  • Vet potential InsurTechs partners at scale to ensure alignment with client goals
  • Provide strategic guidance, reinsurance capacity solutions and implementation support

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