A holistic approach to managing climate and disaster risk

Despite the increasing frequency and severity of climate and disaster events, the vast majority of those risks globally are uninsured. Our dedicated team of experts helps governments, (re)insurers, banks and businesses better manage their financial exposure to extreme and systemic events. Leveraging Gallagher Re's state-of-the-art analytics and multi-disciplinary risk engineering, the global centre of expertise provides local, bespoke advisory and risk transfer solutions to complex risk environments. These solutions include holistic climate risk financing strategies, comprehensive climate resilience and adaptation solutions, and sustainable (re)insurance market development. Clients benefit from transferring risk to third parties where most effective, allowing their operations to grow more responsibly, sustainably and profitably.

To craft products customised for clients’ needs, the Public Sector and Climate Resilience Solutions practice uses analytics from our Climate and ESG, Catastrophe Analytics, Strategic & Financial Analytics and InsurTech teams, along with support from the Gallagher Research Centre and its extensive network of partners.

Our holistic approach emphasises:

  • Financial preparedness
  • Climate resilience
  • De-risking strategies
  • Established and innovative risk financing instruments, including parametric risk transfer solutions

The combined knowledge and global presence of the team’s brokers, modelers and actuaries allow the team to advise clients from the private and public sectors, both in developed countries and emerging economies all around the world.

Gallagher Re’s unmatched strategic risk insights and reinsurance services

The global practice uses a problem-solving approach that connects all dimensions of resilience and focuses on unlocking the full benefits of financial risk management. As a result, our clients are best positioned to better understand their financial vulnerability, minimise risk and create new resilience pathways to sustainable growth.

Meet our Public Sector and Climate Resilience Solutions leaders