Key Products and Services

Bringing Our Client's Data to Life

Understanding, analyzing and interpreting our clients' data is central to our value proposition. Our broad market knowledge enables us to provide clients with feedback on data quality relative to peers, solutions for common data problems, and the most favorable way to position for potential reinsurers.

Risk Insights and Modeling

Coupled with proper data interpretation, Gallagher Re's proprietary models empower our clients to explore, quantify and understand the risks inherent in their insurance portfolios. We have been at the forefront of quantifying emerging risks such as cyber and casualty catastrophes. Our modeling also further refines understanding of the unique aspects of clients' exposures relative to their industry peers

Business Planning, Strategy and Reinsurance Design

Using our detailed model of our client's portfolio of risks, we measure the impacts of client growth, potential acquisitions, changes in strategy and risk appetite. As part of this exercise, we identify the reinsurance structures that optimize earnings and capital protection. To allow clients to compare the benefits of different reinsurance structures, we use our proprietary financial modelling platform iFM Online.