Our dedicated Retrocession team structures and executes solutions for clients across the globe, spanning some of the industry's largest programs, as well as line of business- or territory-specific covers.

Headquartered in London, our colleagues sit in all major global hubs, including Bermuda and New York. Gallagher Re takes an integrated approach, with industry loss warranty (ILW), insurance-linked securities (ILS) and analytical expertise all housed internally, providing our clients with dedicated and accessible support across all facets of the industry.

Broad Global Expertise

Gallagher Re's expertise spans the full spectrum of retro solutions including:

  • Worldwide and Territory Specific Covers
  • Non-Proportional and Proportional Treaty Reinsurance
  • Multi Class Covers
  • Catastrophe, Per Risk and Whole Account Protections
  • Aggregate Covers, Swaps, ILWs, Cat Bonds and ILS Solutions
  • Capital Raising Including Sidecars

Program Design and Execution

Gallagher Re taps into its deep market knowledge and client base to provide benchmarking and insights, further developed through our catastrophe modeling expertise and highly accomplished team of brokers and actuaries. Our financial modeling tool, iFM is the workhorse for our analysis and helps us design and implement strategic structures that are efficient, effective and sustainable for our clients.