A fully holistic offering to empower your climate and ESG business decisions

The market is paying increasing attention to the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and ESG factors. To help clients identify, evaluate and manage the evolving risk, we leverage our global experience, resources and expertise to cover the entirety of the climate and ESG risk landscape.

Our approach links advisory services to analytical capabilities, ultimately feeding into transactional solutions.

We focus on aligning business strategies to proactively prepare for evolving regulatory mandates, voluntary disclosures and related ESG requirements. We offer solutions for both quantitative and qualitative requirements of climate change.

In a continually impactful world of weather-driven hazardous events, we produce climate analytics to support clients’ underwriting information needs for current and future time horizons. Our event response statements provide timely and critical insights to current catastrophic events worldwide.

Our advisory capability draws on Gallagher Re’s own global natural catastrophe dataset, ongoing monitoring of past and future trends in natural hazards, and internal and external research initiatives on climate change and socioeconomic research.

We also license third-party ESG scores, providing our clients with access to data to self-assess and evaluate counterparty risk by combining ESG scores with financial metrics.

Building on our established analytics capability, we draw on the experience of 300 colleagues worldwide to quantify risk. We provide insights into existing models and work with strategic partners to develop innovative solutions where needed. These include underwriting solutions, vendor adjustments, in-house property and liability risk modelling, and portfolio carbon emissions measurements.

We leverage our tools and capabilities to develop transactional products. Our team can offer risk transfer mechanisms to manage evolving ESG risks and explore sustainable underwriting opportunities. Our expertise in emerging topics such as carbon markets allows us to link insureds with our network of markets and other capital providers.

Supporting clients in shaping their climate and ESG journey

Navigating the evolving climate risk and ESG space to seek future financial resilience can be a daunting exercise. Our offering empowers clients to better understand the specific risks to their business and prepare to maximise opportunities for first movers. To support clients, we focus our service offering on four distinct themes:

Form a client view of risk

Understand how climate change impacts current view on risk.

Navigate the shift to a more resilient future

Review existing business strategies as markets and regulation evolve.

Assess adequacy of coverage

Challenge assumptions and identify opportunities for risk transfer solutions.

Unlock capital for climate and ESG risk

Access capacity providers and financial instruments for new and emerging risk.

Facilitating your journey to a low-carbon economy

Leveraging a global knowledge base and strategic partnerships, our Climate & ESG team ensures that clients are knowledgeable about regulatory changes, best practices and market trends to tailor their pathway through the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Meet the Climate and ESG leadership

Steve Bowen

Steve Bowen

Chief Science Officer, Gallagher Re

Climate & Environmental, Social and Governance Services Summary

  • Help clients navigate the shift to a more resilient future
  • Form climate view of risk from vendor and in-house catastrophe modelling
  • Leverage global resources to deliver bespoke solutions that manage risk
  • Use carbon portfolio benchmarking tool to empower clients

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