Delivering specialized service for all our clients

At Gallagher Re, we don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach. While our global resources and knowledge allow us to provide robust analytics and market-leading tools to our clients, our specialized segments and dedicated broker teams ensure customized business plans and differentiation in the market.

Our industry knowledge and capabilities complemented by our organization's structure and focus allow us to deliver tailored solutions to all our clients. Most importantly, the level of service we provide does not change based on client size. Our design and execution of the optimal reinsurance program is a collaborative effort representing the best ideas from across our company. Our clients benefit from one coordinated Gallagher Re offering with oversight and cooperation from your broking, analytics, client service and account leadership Team.

Unified Surety team brings depth and breadth of knowledge

Our service offering is built around our clients, making certain you're always put first, and ensuring that you get the best possible advice and reinsurance terms. We have assembled and continue to invest in a dedicated Surety broking team that is experienced in serving all types and sizes of surety operations.

Unique Surety experience

Our team members have experience as Surety underwriters with both primary and reinsurance markets (broker and direct market reinsurers), reinsurance buyers, surety pricing actuaries and primary intermediaries.


Market experience

Our experience in Surety Reinsurance spans many market cycles, demonstrating consistency in our ability to provide specialized industry support and build the necessary, unencumbered capacity to assist clients in executing their business plan.

Taking the time to understand our client's business — focusing on the original business first and then tailoring a reinsurance and/or capital solution that responds to the specific needs of a particular client — has proven to be a strength of our business model.

Stable and ever-expanding team

We continue to strengthen our team's Surety specific expertise. On the broking side, our team members have an average of over 25 years of experience in the Surety market. The continued expansion of the Surety practice means there's a diverse skill set and continuity for the future.



Actuarial and analytics team delivers in-depth portfolio analysis

Our dedicated actuaries and analysts — embedded within our broking team — employ a technical and transparent approach to portfolio review and analysis. This team's comprehensive approach to portfolio analysis begins with a complete understanding of your business and objective.

Armed with this information, we perform a detailed and transparent technical analysis of your intended business plan. We clearly articulate modelled output to work with you to formulate risk transfer strategies and reinsurance solutions. Various perspectives are considered throughout the analytical process, ensuring that your internal risk management framework is aligned with your reinsurance decisions.

Bespoke underwriting tools assist with portfolio management

Innovation is a core value of Gallagher Re, which is why we think innovatively about reinsurance solutions and tools to help our clients underwrite and manage their portfolios. The Gallagher Re Surety model is our proprietary risk evaluation tool for analyzing and pricing Surety portfolios. This view of risk allows us to design reinsurance programs tailored to your risk appetite, create technical arguments to achieve efficient pricing of the program, expose emerging loss patterns in a portfolio and determine the necessary capital to support your business.

Beyond our reinsurance proposition, we offer a Contractor Credit Model to provide financial insight on individual risks, along with portfolio management dashboards to assist with strategic decisions across geographies and surety segments.

Market share strengthens our relationship with reinsurers

We manage a broad range of Surety business, which offers us two advantages: it provides us with a greater understanding of the market for Surety and it affords us leverage with reinsurers as market leaders in this space. Our market share and consequentially, the amount of business emanating from our Surety clients, commands substantial market interest and support.

Our Surety team places many of the largest programs in the market and is recognized for their expert knowledge of Surety and market-leading reinsurance placements. This team is universally recognized for providing best-in-class advice and service to our clients, and making sure the finest reinsurance placement terms are achieved.

Surety Reinsurance Summary

  • Client-centric focus: teams designed around needs
  • Consistently deliver new, innovative and competitive solutions
  • Bespoke risk-evaluation tools help customize solutions
  • Embedded actuarial, analytics team ensures comprehensive portfolio analysis