Providing bespoke services through collaboration of global and local resources

In a changing world, being equipped with functional risk solutions to assess and quantify catastrophe risk is paramount. Gallagher Re's view of catastrophe risk evaluates the range of models and makes adjustments or builds new solutions when needed, helping our clients form their own view of risk.

Our Catastrophe Analytics team is embedded in the business, providing the best of local and global knowledge to deliver bespoke services wherever needed. Drawing on the experience of more than 300 colleagues worldwide, we’re dedicated to quantifying and interpreting the risk posed by natural or human-made hazards. Our analytical approach helps you customise your view of risk, to address a range of business challenges focusing on risk decision-making.

Working to understand risk so you can mitigate yours

We’ve developed the Gallagher Re view of catastrophe risk for all major perils and territories globally by taking a dual approach to existing and new models. By seeking a full understanding of what is and isn’t captured in existing catastrophe models, we enable our clients to more accurately understand, communicate and mitigate their own risk.

Evaluate and enhance existing modelling

In established catastrophe markets, we conduct an in-depth study and comparison of all model components, implementing appropriate adjustments where necessary.

Build new models when needed

Where no well-established models exist, we build them. We leverage our in-house expertise and draw directly on the broader external academic resources of our network.

Catastrophe Analytics

Solutions help clients create effective risk management strategy

Our solutions empower catastrophe risk management decisions throughout the lifecycle of an insurance policy, from underwriting, portfolio optimisation and exposure management to capital management and regulatory submissions.

Supporting our clients from claims planning to loss mitigation

Gallagher Re's event response capabilities keep you informed about the latest major natural disasters.

Our in-house experts write our event advisories in collaboration with key Gallagher Re partners. These resources support your organisation in notifying key stakeholders as well as assisting in claims surge planning and loss mitigation.

Natural Catastrophe Report for first half of 2023

Natural Catastrophe Report for Q1 2024

In this report, we summarize the global loss totals for the first quarter and focus on key issues driving current industry discussions regarding natural catastrophe and climate risk.

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Meet the Catastrophe Analytics leadership

Vaughn Jensen

Vaughn Jensen

Head, Global Catastrophe Analytics

  • Minneapolis, MN

Catastrophe Analytics Summary

  • Embedded analytic approach to help create customised view of risk
  • Analyse and adjust current catastrophe models where appropriate
  • Build new catastrophe models where needed
  • Distribute event advisories, help with loss mitigation and claims planning

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