The group is available to help clients transfer mortgage/financial risk or manage capital, regardless of location, based on our integrated team approach.

Our modeling enables clients to review expected loss, results under stressed scenarios, probable maximum losses (PML) and, if appropriate, losses caused by natural perils. Gallagher Re's mortgage model uses a proprietary economic scenario generator (ESG), which is also used by a public rating agency. The teamd leverages modeling to help optimize reinsurance programs, while considering regulatory, economic and political risks that may also vary by country, region and demographics.

Our experts' market experience is complemented by leading broking and analytics to deliver reinsurance and capital markets solutions that benefit from:

  1. Understanding of Risk Appetite, Goals, and Objectives
    The first step in any placement is understanding a client's goals and objectives. Our team tailors the analysis and the transaction structure to meet all of a client's needs.
  2. Advanced Modeling Techniques
    Our mortgage modeling combines a proprietary default model with commercially available analytics, to provide a complete view of a client's risk.
  3. Additional Research Projects to Provide Insights to Clients
    We continually undertake research to provide new insights into the financial sector, including analyzing the mortgage industry and any client's specific portfolio.
  4. Reinsurance Optimization
    Our modeling expertise enables the team to compare different structures, finding the most efficient path to achieve goals and objectives.
  5. Marketing and Negotiation
    Our broking team balances the need for continuity with the desire to attract new markets in order to help achieve the best outcomes for clients.