Dedicated to providing terrorism and political violence solutions

Changing dynamics in the Political Violence and Terror insurance market is causing many insurers to evaluate their (re)insurance options to optimise capital opportunities, while at the same time providing reliable cover for their clients.

Our team recognizes the profound impact a terrorism incident can have on businesses, both professionally and on reputation. As businesses face an increasingly complex insurance landscape, they require cover not only against extensive property damage and bodily injury, but they must also maintain focus on protecting against business interruption and subsequent loss of revenue.

We remain dedicated to protecting any loss or series of losses arising out of an Act of Terrorism; Sabotage; Malicious Damage; Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions; Political Violence; and War. The cover provided includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physical Damage
  • Business Interruption and other Time Element coverage
  • Non-Damage Business Interruption
  • Active Assailant
  • Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear Contamination (CBRN)
  • Loss of Attraction/Threat
  • Cyber Terrorism

Working together to deliver bespoke programmes

The rise in geopolitical violence across the world makes our team’s role of protecting client assets in conflict zones more important than ever. At Gallagher Re, we have the market expertise, intellectual capability and trading relationships to execute programmes successfully in an evolving market.

We excel in understanding the nuances of the political violence and terror subclasses, enabling us to provide tailored, effective solutions for our clients. Our team works alongside Gallagher Re’s Marine and Energy specialists, providing us with unprecedented knowledge of how insurers are managing and buying reinsurance to protect their portfolios. Our analytics teams are fully integrated with our broking function to provide a balance of analytics and commercial insight — we deliver actionable insights based on modelled outputs.

Holistic approach to terrorism and political violence programmes

We believe that design and execution of the optimal reinsurance programme is a collaborative, holistic effort representing the best ideas from across our company.

Working with you to understand your business objectives, risk appetite and key priorities – and ensuring they reflect the continually changing market dynamics — is key to our approach and programme design. With this context, we quantify:

  • Cost of capital (CoC)
  • Economic value assessment (EVA). We quantify the reinsurance margin ceded against volatility protection
  • Opportunity cost. We evaluate how reinsurance spend interacts with your wider strategic aims
  • Comprehensive benchmarking. We compare your CoC and EVA metrics against peers
  • Data strategy. We evolve the information we provide to reinsurers such that we arm them with concise, credible and transparent analysis they can include in their pricing models

As part of this strategy review, we consider:

Actual versus expected analysis

We look at how your latest placement compared to what you set out to achieve to get learnings to improve both the strategic review and placement execution?

Your specific and wider market risks

We take into consideration the evolving economic, regulatory and reporting environment.

Board expertise

We support all analysis and recommendations with diverse insights from our broking, analytics, claims and wordings experts.

Collaborative approach keeps the focus on the best interest of our client

Our collective approach to designing reinsurance programmes ensures we consistently explore new and innovative solutions, as well as competitive structures for our clients. Claims and crisis response services also are part of our PVT solutions, including event response, crisis management (preparation and reactive), and a bespoke claims crisis and catastrophe plan.

Meet the Political Violence and Terror leaders

Luke Carrick

Divisional Director of Specialty Lines Divisional Director of Specialty Lines

Political Violence and Terror Summary

  • Deliver successful solutions in always-changing market
  • Collaborative work atmosphere produces innovative programmes
  • Dedicated claims advisory, crisis management services