Our advocacy and support for insurers in the sector is founded on building a thorough understanding of strategic goals, capital structure, risk appetite and required capacity. This feeds into:

Business Planning

Our experience over many market cycles enables us to deliver strategic business solutions that are tailored to your key performance drivers.

Data Driven Program and Product Design

Complementing our brokers' market experience, we use our proprietary eNGINEER and iFM tools to run our clients' risk and catastrophe bordereau against risk exposure build up curves and catastrophe vulnerability factors, from which we provide considered, sustainable and achievable reinsurance program solutions.

Marketing and Negotiation

We have long-standing relationships with all key technical reinsurers and continuously monitor the market to balance continuity and compatibility of terms with our clients' needs.

Workshops and Training

We provide on-site or hosted training on technical subjects, including updates on market and portfolio characteristics; reinsurance trends and opportunities; our eNGINEER modelling tool; and decennial and inherent defects insurance.