31 January 2024

A new year, a new name! We're excited to announce that Gallagher Bergvall AS and Gallagher Parisco AS are officially joined under the same name, Gallagher Norway.

As we head into 2024, we embark on a new era for Gallagher Bergvall and Gallagher Parisco. Having already joined the Gallagher group of companies (Bergvall in 2013 and Parisco in 2021), the two businesses are joining as one.

A meeting of minds and values

Bergvall and Parisco have always shared common values regarding how we conduct business — putting the customer first in every decision and circumstance. This focus on client relationships, together with our extensive industry expertise, has led both companies to build and maintain trusted names in Norway's marine and energy market.

Likewise, Gallagher has built its reputation on integrity and a customer-centric way of working. So, when they were looking to expand their marine and energy business in the Nordic Region, they were attracted not only by the product offerings of Bergvall and Parisco but also by our ethos and established client relationships.

We are shipping people who work in the insurance industry, not insurance people who work in shipping. Competence and dedication build trust, and trust builds relationships.
Anders Mjaaland, Chief Executive Officer, Gallagher Norway

In preparation for the merger, Gallagher Bergvall and Gallagher Parisco have been working together in our shared office in Oslo for the past year. This has allowed us to collaborate and refine our unified offering as Gallagher Norway, to clients old and new.

A one-team solution for our clients

The new name reflects the merger of the two companies, the combining of people and expertise, and our vision for the future. This one-team solution enables us to provide strategy, broking, claims handling, and contract reviews — delivering a seamless service for our clients and an environment conducive to growth.

As we continue to expand and shape our team in the months and years to come, we will ensure we remain faithful to the culture and reputation we have established over many years.

Our focus has always been to deliver the best service possible and try to shape our service around the client — not shape the client around us. Nothing has changed in terms of how we look after our clients. We provide the same service, just in a different wrapping.
Dag Magne Torjussen, CFO & COO, Gallagher Norway

A journey to celebrate

As Gallagher Norway looks to the future, we also acknowledge and celebrate our journey so far. Click below to see the key moments in our history and how the three companies came together.

Gallagher Norway timeline

Heading into the future as Gallagher Norway

Our merger reflects our strong position in Norway's marine and energy insurance market today and into the future. We are excited to move forward as we always have, with integrity, professional excellence, and a steadfast commitment to our clients.

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