Public sector organizations today face myriad challenges. Budget issues, reduced staff, competition for talent and limited resources create unprecedented hurdles that divert time and resources from your mission. Gallagher's team of specialists brings extensive experience serving state governments, counties and parishes, cities and towns, emergency responder agencies, transit systems, water and wastewater agencies, other special taxing districts, school districts and more. Our public-sector-specific services include compensation consulting, classification and job analysis, staffing and recruiting, and pay equity audits.

A team of consultants across the US, including deep expertise in California, is committed to helping public sector organizations focus on the greater good of the communities they serve.

Classification and job analysis

An organization's classification system is the foundation on which nearly all HR systems are built. Ensuring your classification systems are accurate and up to date is the first step in building successful and equitable HR programs, including pay equity.

Gallagher's unique approach to classification studies includes a comprehensive, balanced and unbiased method with several review steps and consistent communication with all stakeholders, including labor unions. An emphasis on customization, coupled with our deep public sector expertise, is how we help clients face the future with confidence.

Compensation studies

A well-performed compensation study ensures that your compensation practices are fair, competitive, legally compliant and aligned with the organization's objectives. It's also a key tool in promoting employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Gallagher consultants use reliable benchmarking and job matching methodologies, as well as in-person contact with professionals at each comparator agency. We don't send out questionnaires, which is the practice of many others in the industry. Our internal team performs all data collection and analyses, including customized surveys of individual comparators or surveys published by third parties.

We also leverage a proprietary database of compensation and benefits benchmarks, which allows us to run comprehensive reports of the competitive labor market landscape. Our studies have a high degree of credibility and proven record of success.


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