Gallagher's team of HR consultants brings decades of practical experience and an extensive database of benchmarking data. We offer strategic and tactical consulting solutions to help ensure your HR policies, processes and programs are compliant and align with your organization's goals.

We help your organization make strategic HR decisions to create a diverse and inclusive environment, remain compliant within your industry and provide training to develop your current and future leaders so your organization can face the future with confidence.

Our HR Consulting team will help you deliver on your employee value proposition whether your people are remote, in the office or hybrid.

Developing an effective HR strategy with assessments

An HR assessment offers a starting point to developing an HR strategy that sets you up for success, now and into the future. Elements may include recruiting, manager training, leadership development, compensation and performance management. This assessment can identify gaps and help ensure you are addressing important compliance issues, ranging from general HR administration to policies and procedures.

We provide comprehensive assessments of value and effectiveness of an organization's current HR programs and processes. We employ a number of methodologies, including:

  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders to ascertain the success of current HR programs from various perspectives
  • Creating custom surveys targeting effectiveness of key HR program(s)
  • Review of HR programs and processes using data analysis and best practices
  • Benchmarking against similarly-situated organizations in and outside of your industry to better understand what "best in class" firms are doing from an HR standpoint. We examine practices and programs which enable leading companies to best meet their business goals and customer's needs

We provide our clients with a solid framework for areas to work on in the human resources function. Following implementation of our recommendations and based upon experience with previous clients, your organization can expect to see the following results:

  • Increased consistency across the business allowing for organizational flexibility and improved compliance
  • Improved opportunity to become an employer-of-choice work environment
  • Reduction in legal liability and exposure

Embed Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into your people strategy

Business leaders across nonprofit and publicly traded organizations alike increasingly recognize that the time is now to integrate DEI into their people strategy. Stakeholders including your workforce, regulators, leadership, board of directors and the public expect equity and inclusion for all employees. Organizations face pressures ranging from compliance requirements to attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive marketplace.

Beyond supporting recruitment and retention, a sense of belonging can contribute to resiliency and trust to help reduce the risk of burnout. Employee burnout negatively affects productivity, healthcare costs, and public brand perception. Regardless of your organization's position on the DEI journey, Gallagher offers a "whole person" consulting approach to accelerate your progress.

Each organization brings its own drivers concerning the need to enhance DEI.

  • Is there a gap between the culture you have and the culture you want?
  • Have you examined turnover trends and demographics?
  • Is there a need to respond to trends surfaced in engagement surveys?
  • Does the organization attract and retain the right talent?

Changing behavior requires a thoughtful, multi-step plan to support your organization across all levels. Wherever you are on your DEI journey, the time is now to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into your organization's people strategy. Partner with Gallagher for a strategic approach to help your organization to face the future with confidence.

Gallagher HRnow — on-demand HR support

When the need arises for immediate human resources counsel, Gallagher can provide timely and experienced advice on short notice or on retainer via telephone or by email. Think of us as the HR "help desk," ready to offer insightful and accurate solutions quickly or, if need be, undertake a more in-depth analysis of your particular situation.

Employee handbook and HR policy development

Gallagher consultants apply their compliance expertise to assist organizations in creating or revising the content of your organization's policies. We ensure alignment with your culture, objectives, and legal compliance. You can take comfort in knowing that you and your employees are aware of your policies and are in compliance with federal, state and local laws.

Job description creation and review

Attracting the right talent starts with having job roles, position and job description that clearly reflect how the role will support your organization. The Gallagher HR Consulting team will assess your current job descriptions, align the roles and position's to today's markets and create job descriptions that are compliant.

HR function and process review

To ensure your HR processes are compliant and efficient, Gallagher's HR Consulting team can review, update, and map your recruiting, onboarding, performance management and termination processes to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Ready to level-up your HR function and create an inclusive culture?

Creating an effective HR function and an inclusive organizational culture is anything but simple. Let's work together to create an impactful strategic vision as an extension of your HR team. Talk to a Gallagher HR consultant to learn how we can help you to face the future with confidence.

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Human Resources Consulting Summary

  • Scalable services from ad-hoc HR support to HR strategy and insights
  • Actionable HR assessment & HR strategy development
  • HR compliance and best practice across all industries
  • DEI expertise to help you build a diverse and inclusive organization

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