Proprietary risk management tools that help you stay ahead of evolving exposures

As the lifeblood of the global supply chain, you need partners that help manage your complex risk so you can pivot, protect and ultimately grow your organization. We are ready. Gallagher has established practices, technology, strong relationships and expertise uniquely focused on the evolving needs of the transportation industry. And we continue to hone and grow our capabilities to meet the industry's challenges and trends. Our team offers data-driven solutions including online driver's education, benchmarking, analytics and customized program-structure consulting.

Expertise that serves the entire spectrum of the transportation industry

Developing a comprehensive risk program is bigger than simply focusing on the premium. It's about using a comprehensive risk-management strategy to best position your business in a complex insurance marketplace. Gallagher employs a multi-prong strategy to address risk from all aspects of your business. We analyze gaps in coverage, structural considerations, contractual risk transfer, uninsured or uninsurable risk, loss control and claims advocacy to address your total cost of risk. We want to buy the most insurance we can for every dollar spent. We serve all aspects of transportation, including:

  • Asset-based motor carriers
  • Non-asset-based freight forwarders and freight brokers
  • Independent contractor programs
  • Ocean marine
  • Rail
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Moving and storage
  • Waste haulers

We also serve non-traditional transportation risks that have a heavy auto fleet exposure including:

  • Emergency and non-emergency medical transportation
  • Bus operations
  • Livery, including ride share, taxi/limo operations
  • Last-mile delivery
  • Gig economy
  • Drive-away
  • Tow operations

Coverages and expertise for truly comprehensive transportation risk management

After conducting an in-depth gap analysis of existing policies, we design programs that meet your company's individual needs. We provide a cross-functional perspective by pulling insight from several practice areas, for better solutions that protect against current and emerging risks. Our industry risk management expertise includes:

  • Cyber Liability
  • Directors and Officers (D&O) and Employment Practices Liability
  • Environmental
  • Property
  • Global cargo placements, including shipper's interest, stock-throughput and project cargo
  • Contracts
  • Non-asset-based expertise
  • Independent contractor insurance programs

Our focus is on structuring insurance policies and compartmentalizing risk to deliver a customized risk management program.

Technology-powered tools that drive continued transportation risk reduction

From our proprietary telematics and data that provide dynamic information about driver speed to Gallagher Drive®, we harness the latest in big-data analytics to refine every aspect of your business. We'll help you:

  • Improve claims processing and forecasting
  • Benchmark against competitors and partners in your space
  • Monitor operators' fuel consumption and speed for reduced costs on accidents and performance
  • Obtain access to market trends including cost and limits

Core 360®: Innovating the way insurance is purchased and administered

Being able to anticipate risk is more powerful than simply guarding against known exposures. It's the ability to discover what is unseen before it becomes a threat. Our proprietary Core 360® model transforms how you approach your risk mitigation strategy so you're protected from exposures both known and unknown. With uncommon insight and expertise, we provide comprehensive knowledge of your risks, so you're better prepared. From there, we empower you with solutions by taking a holistic look at your organization, from employees to capital to exposures. So you are truly proactive in reducing costs and risk.


The Gallagher Difference

The Challenge.

A large, U.S.-based freight forwarder and logistics provider with an antiquated cargo liability, shippers interest, and errors and omissions (E&O) program was looking for a broker with expertise in the transportation and logistics industries in South America, Asia and Europe.

Our Action.

For seven years, Gallagher had managed the company's Property and Casualty insurance programs, delivering better-than-market renewal results. After providing business continuity planning solutions in the wake of COVID-19 to reevaluate their supply chain risk, the client agreed to expand our team's scope to the entire domestic and international cargo program. We used the CORE360 model for a deep analysis, to provide solutions to the client's immediate needs and develop proactive strategies.

The Result.

The CORE360® analysis provided extensive feedback and recommendations. As a result, we radically improved the cargo sub-limit from $1 million to $4 million, the shipments-on-deck limit from $40,000 to $4 million, and losses incurred without the insurer's consent prior to agreement limit from $100,000 to $4 million, resulting in reduced coverage gaps. Additionally, we assigned a dedicated claims advisor to aid in resolving complex claims.

Overall, we provided a holistic solution that improved their risk profile and gave liquidity for their operation. We also became the agent of record for their E&O business.

Transportation Insurance Summary

  • Data-driven risk management solutions and strategies
  • Insights from the cross-industry team
  • Claims advocacy and mitigation
  • Continuous communication for transparency

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