More and more, companies are looking to control cost and manage risk with non-traditional insurance instruments. ARTEX, Gallagher’s wholly-owned subsidiary for alternative risk and captives, is ready to help you control costs and volatility with these innovative solutions.
Balance risk with control

As business becomes more complex, so does insurance. At Artex, the Alternative Risk and Captive team works with you to compose solutions that are designed to address your organization’s needs for consistency and control. Whether you are a midsize firm or large multi-national, our global expertise in risk alternatives will help you manage risk. We help clients globally in the following areas of insurance and captive management, program and facility management, and Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) & Structured Transaction Administration.

Insurance and Captive Management—As one of the world’s largest insurance management firms, Artex teams can help you from formation through management, exploring solutions such as captives or programs that may include:

  • Single parent. These captive programs supplement your traditional insurance programs and fill in gaps and exclusion in your coverage.
  • Group captives. A group captive insures the risks of multiple unrelated companies, each owning a small percentage of the insurance company.
  • Cell Companies. A growing area within the captive marketplace, cell companies allows a parent company to segregate its risks into different accounts. You benefit from lower capital costs, flexibility and independent structures.
  • Rent-a-captive. This option, which is a second type of cell company, allows the flexibility to join an established or sponsored captive program. You share the profits with other companies, but you do not have to commit as much capital up front.
  • Medical stop-loss. Self-funded programs that give mid-size companies the benefit of large employer pricing and risk management services.

What is a captive?

A captive is an insurance company that operates just like a traditional insurance company, with one key difference: you are the owner of the company and all profits are paid to you, rather to a third-party. A captive insures the risk of its owner and affiliated businesses. Captives issue policies, collects premiums and pays claims. This structure allows for you to customize the insurance program to best suit your needs.

Program & Facility Management—Key areas for our Program Management team includes workers compensation solutions for temporary staffing firms and PEOs, and a risk pooling facility that enables more businesses to participate in and leverage the benefits of alternative risk solutions. The Facility Management team offers deep expertise and talent to enable brokers, intermediaries, Managing General Agents (MGAs) and others to deftly capture underwriting profits. Our team also provides access to the Bermuda market.

Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) & Structured Transaction Administration—An award-winning facilitator of ILS transactions, Artex also offers solutions for pension longevity, special purpose vehicles and access to Lloyd's Structures.

Alternative Risk Financing and Captive Summary

  • Deep expertise in developing alternative risk solutions and captives
  • Management of plans
  • Ongoing monitoring of markets
  • Global partnership with Artex