Greater diversity. A new generation of faculty. Emerging risks from natural disasters and cyber threats. The future for institutions of higher learning is complex. It requires uncommon solutions that will work today and prepare you for what lies ahead. The Gallagher Higher Education consulting and risk management team is ready. We work across property, human resources and student populations to provide not only education consulting, insurance and risk management solutions, but overall change management for greater sustainability.
Curiosity meets competence, for a world of better coverage

Institutions of higher education are complete societies unto themselves. They have complete communities comprised of students and teachers, as well as their own infrastructure. The Gallagher Higher Education consulting and risk management team understands the unique needs of these self-contained societies from creating positive learning cultures to protecting the property and the legacy of the institution.

A team of experts for universal consulting and risk management

Our three-pronged team of risk managers, benefits specialists and change management consultants, uses proven processes of analysis to discover where risks and gaps in your coverage. looks at your risks from cyber exposure to property. This process works across your enterprise to provide truly comprehensive solutions, so you are able to focus on providing the best education.
We work with institutions of all sizes and regions including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, trade schools and for-profit educational institutions.

Exposure checklist

We analyze all aspects of your institution with processes specifically designed for the higher education industry. With claims have been escalating in institutions of higher education – from community colleges to private colleges and universities to public universities.

  • Cyber risk mitigation checklist
  • Risk transfer issues for contractors
  • Natural catastrophes
  • Collaborative groups and enterprise risk management
  • International education
  • Minors on campus
  • Experiential learning

The best crisis response is prevention

Planning ahead for what could risk might be emerging risk is a focus of the Gallagher Higher Education consulting and risk management practice. We are looking for trends and solutions so you are ready and able to protect against future risks so you can stay focused on providing the best education today. Our specialty programs include:

  • Specialty programs and concerns
  • Terrorism risk liability programs for higher education 
  • Higher education catastrophe preparation, response and recovery
  • Higher education compensation consulting services
  • Violent malicious acts coverage
  • Disaster management services
We can all improve and learn from one another.
Tenet #4, The Gallagher Way
Opening more doors, by fostering an academic culture of open minds

Most higher education institutions spend 65% of their budget on human resources. Gallagher helps you make every dollar count. The pace of change for institutions of higher learning is staggering. From needing to attract and retain talent to creating learning environments for an increasingly diverse and global student body. Helping our clients build cultures that are opened minded as well as aligned with the needs of new students is essential. The Gallagher Higher Education practice works with you to build a culture of sustainability. We provide:

  • Outcome-based learnings. Working with institutions to meet the demands of education and work outcomes
  • Design reward and compensation structures. Developing compensation structures that attract and retain key talent.
  • Culture climate assessments. Helping you understand how faculty, staff and the student body are interacting and places for improvement of the overall culture.
  • Sustainability strategies and plans. To help create an educational environment that will continue to thrive now and in the future.

The Gallagher Difference.

Integrated Excess addresses Board’s desire for higher limits and improves cost

The Issue.

A large 4 year university, a new client to Gallagher, advised that their Board wanted to consider higher Liability and Directors & Officers/Educators Legal Liability (ELL) limits. The risk manager was anxious to respond to the Board’s concerns, but was worried about how the additional cost would impact her already approved risk management budget.

The Solution.

Our team worked with risk management to develop a first rate submission and by accessing Gallagher’s proprietary integrated excess liability program we were able to develop a solution that increase current Excess Liability limits from $65M to $100M and ELL limits from $50M to $75M with improved coverage and minor premium increases.

The Result.

Board concerns were addressed as the University was able to purchase $35M of additional Liability coverage and $25M of additional ELL protection. By restructuring the Excess Liability towers we improved coverage and kept premium increases under $25,000, well within the risk manager’s budget constraints.

Higher Education summary

  • Sustainability consulting
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Emerging risks expertise from crisis resilience to gender equity

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