As your business expands globally, Gallagher is with you. Whether you’re expanding outside the U.S. or investing in the U.S., our insurance and risk management solutions bring you the local expertise needed to ensure your insurance program is compliant and structured to mitigate risk where your company is expanding operations.

Global Insurance and Risk Management strategy delivered locally

Bringing over 20 years of helping customers expand their operations outside the U.S., our Multinational Client Service team have cultivated the local relationships to ensure your risk management program is legal, compliant, tax advantageous and structured to address foreign risks. We provide clients the headquarter country that matches the client’s risk management strategy:

  • an integrated global account team that manages foreign risk issues
  • implements your global insurance program; and
  • centralizes communications and reporting across the globe

Our multinational insurance experts are committed to working with you on exposure identification, risk analysis, loss control, claims adjudication and processing, and optimized risk retentions every day. This high level of service translates into a customized approach that makes your priorities our priorities.

Global network of expertise

The Gallagher Global Network (GGN) is our network of hand-selected partners in over 130 countries. GGN partners are the local experts you need when expanding your operations and bring the technical expertise, and in-depth country knowledge and relationships needed to ensure your business runs efficiently. Working through a Gallagher Global Network partner means you receive the international insurance expertise, products and policy administration – whatever your size, sector, location and risk profile. A sample of their brokerage services include:

  • complete risk and insurance brokerage services
  • comprehensive risk evaluation, loss control and claims consulting
  • contract reviews for the insurance requirements related to joint ventures, product distribution agreements, leases and franchise agreements
  • analysis of local coverage programs vs. global programs for cost and coverage effectiveness
  • master insurance program marketing and implementation in conjunction with local brokers

Establishing a U.S. presence from Asia Pacific with Gallagher

Expanding your operations in the U.S. from the APAC region? Our Asia Pacific team is here to help. We help you understand U.S. regulations and translate documents in your language so it’s easier to understand and make decisions faster. Our Asia Pacific team members are insurance experts across all sectors to help you with your insurance, risk management and HR and benefits needs.

Multinational Client Service Summary

  • Integrated account team of multinational experts to take your operations globally
  • Gallagher Global Network of trusted partners
  • Centralized communications and reporting structure

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