Our retirement consultants and actuaries can help you strategically manage your pension plan through the evolving markets and financial cycles while advising you on the various regulatory requirements, to help you secure a confident future for your plan participants. We also offer innovative technology and customer support to keep your pension plan administration running smoothly. With more than 100 years of experience, we're ready to right fit our solution to meet the needs of your plan, support strategic decision-making and consult you on the best approach for your organization and your people.

Comprehensive support for defined benefit plan sponsors

The heart of our approach is collaboration. Our integrated actuarial, consulting, compliance, risk management, investments and administration teams work with you to help ensure a thorough grasp of your goals. We then tailor solutions to meet your specific objectives, offering a range of options including actuarial valuation services, plan strategy and design, plan administration, risk management and de-risking strategies.

Our specialized teams work with corporate, public sector, multi-employer, faith-based, not-for-profits, government contractors, international and non-government organizations.

Experience in regulatory compliance

We keep your plans in compliance by assisting with day-to-day administration and documentation (e.g., drafting plan documents and amendments, summary plan descriptions, and other communications, administrative forms, and procedures) and advising on plan processes and governance (including fiduciary matters and non-discrimination testing). In addition, we can provide practical guidance on resolving compliance questions and issues.

Communication and high-touch participant support

Our commitment to exceptional communication and comprehensive participant support is fundamental to maximizing the effectiveness of your pension plan. Our engagement consultants help ensure that plan details are communicated effectively. From change management to financial and total wellbeing, our communication solutions cover a wide spectrum of employee needs. Additionally, we provide dedicated support to help employees prepare for retirement and offer guidance on challenging topics such as lump sum windows, survivor benefits, and plan terminations.

Access to financial advisors and coaches

Plan participants oftentimes need guidance to make healthy financial decisions and understand retirement planning into deep retirement years. Our bundled solutions include financial advisors and coaches who craft personalized plans for individuals, allowing them to face their financial future with confidence.

Dedicated support for the public sector

Public pension plans have their own structural complexities and funding provisions that are distinct. We've been serving public sector actuarial needs for retirement benefit plans for more than a century and understand these nuances. Our team doesn't just have the professional qualifications you're looking for, they're also actively involved in their communities and advancing the health and vibrancy of the profession. And we also offer actuarial training programs for your board, who may have limited knowledge of industry jargon, financial modeling, and calculations.

Why choose Gallagher to support with your defined benefit plans

Our tailored solutions prioritize your organization's needs and those of your employees and retirees. From plan administration to compliance and risk management to participant support and innovative technology, we empower both plan sponsors and participants to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Defined Benefit Pension Plan Consulting and Administration

  • Full-service support with a focus on plan design and strategy, plan administration, compliance, investments, risk management, and plan de-risking
  • Tailored solutions to meet your unique objectives offering a range of options including actuarial valuation services, plan strategy, design & administration
  • Our approach emphasizes collaboration, ensuring a thorough understanding of your goals
  • Comprehensive support, innovative technology integration, and high-touch participant support

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