Whether you own car dealership, rental car operator or a company that transports or manufactures vehicles, the Gallagher Automotive team has risk management solutions that support all aspects of the automotive industry from drawing board to garage to road.

Innovative solutions for a business on the move

We know you need innovative program structures to meet the needs of the complex automotive and motorcycle industries. From CAT-exposed property and inventory fleet to highly litigious third-party jurisdictions, environmental and privacy and cyber exposures to management liability and workers, the automotive team understands this ever-evolving environment.

To create the appropriate structure, we use our CORE360™ consultative approach to managing your total cost of risk while leveraging key data and analytics tools. Our team helps you with all aspects of operations starting with understanding your goals and financial objectives. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of coverage needs and regulatory issues that may impact you including agreements with 3rd parties such as airport agreement and fleeting arrangements. Our process will uncovers coverage gaps and looks for opportunities manage your total cost of risk.

A wide range of insurance coverage, for the wide range of the automotive industry

The automotive industry spans across manufacturing to rental agencies, in your community to global rental agencies. Our automotive insurance and risk management team partners with customers that include:

  • dealers in motorcycle, franchised auto and truck, and recreational
  • car and recreational rental operators
  • auto leasing companies and auto auctions
  • auto manufacturers, parts and tire companies
  • large multi-location automotive service companies
  • wholesale and retail manufacturer financing companies
Automotive Specialists
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Automotive Premium

Road tested solutions from experts

Our automotive insurance and risk management team brings decades of experience having worked in auto manufacturing, auto dealers, specialty insurers and more. Our expertise in the auto industry enables us to create tailored programs based on your specialized area within the automotive industry these programs include:

  • Dealers Open Lot coverage - Insuring physical damage to your vehicles is complex. Our coverage looks at assess several factors including the wholesale cost of your inventory, vehicles, vehicle storage, number of drivers and more with the goal to protecting the dealer based on the current value of the vehicles.
  • Garage Liability Program – A comprehensive coverage package for auto auctions, car dealers and rental car operators that includes:

    • Auto liability coverage – protection for your business operations, care of vehicles pre- and post-events, vehicle test drives or working with contract drivers to deliver vehicles on behalf of your business. Also, under this plan, your employees may be covered during business hours as well as any time they are handling their usual business responsibilities - such as vehicle preparation and storage or delivering a vehicle accordingly.
    • Premises liability insurance – coverage should someone be injured on your property (note: this coverage does not cover employees as they should be protected under your workers compensation program).
  • Garagekeepers coverage – depending on your need, we offer 2 types of garagekeepers coverage options to protect you should a customer’s vehicle becomes damaged while in your care.
  • Rental Car Operators – We offer many coverages for car rental operators to ensure your business runs smoothly including supplemental liability insurance (SLI), renter’s liability insurance (RLI), personal property coverage (PPC) and personal accident coverage (PAC).

Automotive Summary

  • Coverage solutions for all sectors of the automotive industry
  • Alternative risk and captives for automotive industry customers
  • Access to benchmarking and loss control strategies
  • Claims advocacy for improved claims process and payment

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