Discover the history, the purpose and the culture that combine to make Gallagher a great company to work with. And a great place to work.

Our Company Purpose

We help you face your future with confidence. Everything we provide in Insurance, Risk Management and Consulting Services comes down to that one simple and powerful truth. We believe that in every organization, and in every person, there are dreams, desires and potential waiting to be fulfilled. We’ve never seen this business as “What might go wrong?”

To us, it’s always been, “What’s possible? What can we do together?”
Executive Team

Our leadership team fosters an entrepreneurial culture that has made Gallagher a leader in evolving and creating new products and services for our customers.

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Executive Team
Our History
Our History

Ours is a story of confidence. Gallagher was born facing the future, from the moment Arthur J. respectfully submitted his notice and decided to found his own company.

92 years on, his vision thrives as a global leader in delivering custom, client-centric solutions around the globe. Yet, we’ve never strayed from our roots.

When you know our history, it’s easy to see where we’re going.

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The Gallagher Way

Not everything you need to know in life gets taught in kindergarten. In 1984, our then-chairman, Bob Gallagher, sat down and wrote down the cultural code that drives us every day. Twenty-five tenets on display in our offices. What’s more, they’re on display in the way we treat our clients, our colleagues and our communities.

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We’re committed to recommending what is in the client’s best interests—not ours—and to delivering on our promises. In fact, Gallagher’s commitment to doing the right thing has led to our recognition as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute since 2012.
Pat Gallagher, CEO 
Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Discover the mission of a company on a mission.

Gallagher’s Mission Statement

Recognition & Awards

The greatest reward for doing the right thing is simply the knowledge that you did it. The greatest recognition for serving your clients’ interests well, is earning the right to keep them as clients and serve them again. Still, it’s gratifying to be awarded as leaders in both the business and the ethics of business.

Here are some recent examples of Gallagher being recognized for doing first-class business in a first-class way.

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Recognition and Awards
Our Company
Our Company

Make that companies – plural. Gallagher is made up of specialties and practices that deliver outstanding solutions in a range of services for businesses, communities and people.

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