Introducing Gallagher Better Works℠

You start by building a better workplace. One that attracts, engages and retains top talent. What does that look like? It’s a workplace where people feel they belong — where there’s a stronger sense of developing a career than punching a clock. And a culture of opportunity that draws new talent because it inspires employees to deliver their personal and professional best.
Gallagher’s comprehensive approach to benefits, compensation, retirement, employee communication and workplace culture aligns your human capital strategy with your overall business goals.

Gallagher Better Works℠ centers on the full spectrum of organizational wellbeing — strategically investing in your people’s health, talent, financial wellbeing and career growth. And developing benefit and HR programs at the right cost structures to support a multigenerational workforce.

What makes Gallagher Better Works different is that it’s a truly holistic, all-encompassing approach to individual and organizational wellbeing. It’s not enough to offer robust medical coverage and a competitive retirement plan; every aspect of your benefits and compensation program needs to work in concert to promote overall employee wellbeing. Gallagher Better Works gives HR departments an enormous toolbox full of solutions that promote better organizational wellbeing.

Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

Gallagher Better Works goes far beyond basic healthcare coverage. From boomers to millennials, offer your employees the healthcare and benefit plans that perform better. This includes tools to help employees secure insurance coverage that will protect their families when they’re ill or injured, analyzing healthcare and pharmacy spends, benchmarking against competitors to understand cost drivers, evaluating options for negotiating contracts and designing a plan that will help you manage costs.

Career Wellbeing

Assess, develop, and implement effective training and development programs that enable leaders to grow, while also helping employees improve their skills, reduce risk, and increase organizational impact. Gallagher Better Works ensures sustainable, competitive compensation plans to help develop top talent and alignment of rewards systems through benchmarking and equity analyses.

Financial Wellbeing

Deliver a retirement program designed to your needs with the right funds, reasonable fees and trustworthy fiduciary management. Meet employees where they are in their financial journey by educating and communicating how they can spend wisely and save for the future. Build confidence in your organization’s long-term sustainability with compliant and socially responsible institutional investment solutions, and consulting on fiduciary decision making. Incentivize your executive leadership to deliver better shareholder value, productivity and growth in exchange for equity or other incentives.

Organizational Wellbeing

Sustaining a culture of organizational health means staying on top of HR platforms, compliance issues, employee communications and risk management. Use strategic employee communications to connect with employees on new benefits, policy changes and initiatives to encourage year-round total wellbeing and engagement. Explore private exchange and technology platforms to reduce the administrative burden on your HR team and enable realistic cost projections. Manage the risks associated with your employees such as complying with regulations in the countries where your employees work.

That’s what it means to create a better workplace culture. It’s about never being content to rest each time you reach your best. Your better is never finished.

As you develop and sustain this destination workplace culture, your people can thrive and perform at a higher level — optimizing your annual talent investment and mitigating organizational risk to maximize your profitability. Best of all, you gain a competitive advantage as a workplace that simply works better.