Our mission is clear: to align with nonprofits of all sizes, scopes and services in providing proven, meaningful insights and solutions. We do this through comprehensive consulting that maximizes your impact -in serving your people and mission with excellence. We understand the complex constellation and duty of care that is of paramount importance for public-serving institutions. The third sector brings together professionals and volunteers seamlessly to enact sustainable change, with beneficiaries of vital services. We bring to bear a variety of intellectual capital as well as access to a range of market relationships, so you have a Gallagher team there as a comprehensive and resourceful partner to meet your needs. There is no other peer in the industry that internally marshals its nonprofit and charities expertise across all divisions and throughout the world like Gallagher.

Aligned with your mission and values, committed to results that go beyond dollars and cents

We provide holistic consulting on all aspects of nonprofit operations, from assessing risk at the enterprise level (ERM) and embracing change as a path to growth to confronting emerging challenges with employment issues, cyber insurance, safe environments and claims adjudication. Our 50+ years of experience and professional specialization in the third sector gives us the capability to help you move confidently beyond risk management into true organizational resilience. Aligning with the Gallagher team, you will gain access to our broader proprietary network of experts who are living out the Gallagher Way value of teamwork. We are your partners anticipating and strategically planning to make sure your 'best in class' and 'duty of care' are of the highest aspirations. Our proprietary programs help you reduce risks, manage exposures, lift-up your employees and volunteers, advocate on claims and mobilize technology to maximize program efforts, so the most funds go toward your mission and sustainability long term.

Services that serve the greater good

Whether you run a homeless shelter or an agency that fosters children, the vast world of nonprofit organizations requires a versatile, nimble support team to help staff, board and volunteers confront complex societal issues proactively with compassion and advocacy. So we have built a consulting offering and platform of service that goes beyond insurance to help you develop a sustainable foundation long term, so you can serve more people better.

Our practice includes:

Insurance and Risk Management. Our team evaluates your nonprofit's total cost of risk using our CORE360™ approach and exclusive data and analytics tools to provide additional insights from benchmarking to placements. Additionally, our team can leverage alternative risk financing, including captives, to manage your exposures and lower your cost. We review your current coverages and your goals to see if your risk is properly balanced and gaps are reduced.

Benefits and HR Consulting Services. Our Gallagher BetterWorksSM framework delivers a comprehensive approach to benefits, compensation, retirement, employee communications and workplace culture centers on the full spectrum of organizational wellbeing. We work with you to design programs that align with your goals and staff needs, including executive benefits, multinational benefits and HR, pharmacy and voluntary benefits.

Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management. Providing governance consulting for nonprofit boards to aid them in strategic planning and management techniques designed to support and grow your mission.

Business continuity and nonprofit boards and executive teams

Nonprofit boards and executive teams ultimately work to protect the nonprofit's reputation and assets while also looking to maintain long-term sustainability. As your strategic partner, we look beyond coverage and limits. We look through the lens of business continuity management and enterprise risk management (ERM). We have developed various proprietary processes through ERM consulting, including our Riskmap process that engages your key stakeholders in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. We use this data to help you build better build strategic plans. Strategic plans include analysis of the following areas:

Assets — Your endowments and physical assets are core to a nonprofit's sustainability and future. However, often overlooked is reputation risk. Reputation risk can be a challenge to insure. We take a closer look at your nonprofits' reputation risk through the enterprise risk management process.

Exposure — This critical evaluation examines the mission and the risk-reward analysis to uncover gaps and exposed areas of liability. Understanding your nonprofit's mission and the stakeholders you serve is critical to taking on and avoiding certain risks. Nonprofits help society solve many challenges, and these opportunities require proven risk management programs to be put in place to protect the nonprofit and its reputation in the long term.

Jurisdiction — With states exercising control over prior protections, such as charitable immunity and statute of limitations, we will analyze your jurisdiction's history and track record of verdicts so you are as prepared as possible for further verdicts.

Limits as targets — We look at limits both as potential targets for litigators as well as strategies to protect the organization's assets. While limits can protect your assets, they may be discoverable for litigation, which could be devastating if a full limit is triggered.

Duty of care — We see this as the most critical discussion between a board and staff leaders. In this era of transparency and accountability, being prepared and knowing your risks is a mandate in today's world. We help you make informed decisions daily, knowing the risks and rewards, thus allowing you to align mitigation with insurance, risk management and operational best practices.

By providing business continuity evaluations, you will be able to plan effectively for possible exposures and worries of appropriate limits while protecting your nonprofit assets as well as your board member's personal assets.

Protecting the care that cares for communities around the world

By looking at risk holistically, we have helped the nonprofit sector address the many layers of risk - both human capital and assets overall. In fact, we have many nonprofits looking to consolidate these otherwise separate efforts (property & casualty and workers comp) and health & welfare benefits consulting as one enterprise undertaking.

We work with more than 24,000 nonprofits around the globe — small to large — bringing insights and expertise that sustain and protect their missions. In particular, we have developed a deep specialization in the following segments:

  • Human Service organizations including residential agencies, foster care and adoption agencies, services for the vulnerable (youth, disabled, seniors), homeless shelters, juvenile justice, foodbanks and Ys
  • Affordable housing with a focus on social services
  • Global non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Cultural institutions and foundations
  • Community-based organizations (CBOs) associations and affinity groups

The Gallagher Way is doing things the right way

Our working culture is collaborative and powered by compassion and a commitment to doing the right thing. We are proud of our global recognition from Ethisphere. For 10 years running, we are the only broker to be recognized as among the most ethical companies in the world. For over a hundred years, The Gallagher Way has been our North Star. Taking our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to unprecedented levels of impact through our professional network of brokers, consultants, underwriters and claims specialists in the nonprofit sector is unparalleled in the industry.

The Gallagher Difference

The Challenge

A large nonprofit organization had an informal and variable approach to performance management. Some employees were not held accountable for areas needing improvement. Other employees were not getting the development and career guidance that they needed.

The Solution

We evaluated their current approach against best practices in ten different areas. Improvement efforts were focused on goal-setting, mid-cycle activities, and quality of feedback. Training and job aids were provided to both managers and employees.

The Result

The new system resulted in several improvements. First, goal-setting became aligned with a larger initiative of the nonprofit. This ensured that performance management goals were aligned to organizational priorities, and it also drove conversations between managers and employees about how each role fit into the larger organizational priorities. Second, mid-year check-in meetings were implemented. These check-in meetings focused on progress against goals, performance against competencies and career development. These meetings were an important step in holding low performers accountable and in providing high performers with career guidance and recognition of their efforts. Finally, managers were provided with practical tips and techniques for delivering high-quality feedback.

Nonprofit Insurance and Consulting Summary

  • Marshaling our specialized resources around the world for the benefit of the Third Sector
  • Access to comprehensive lines of coverage from automotive and cyber liability to property
  • Ability to develop traditional as well as alternative risk and captive solutions for greater cost control and predictability
  • Deep understanding of the sector and the issues of employee benefits

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