While nonprofit organizations learn how to maneuver through obstacles like competitive workforces and calls for financial transparency and sustainability, Gallagher is there to help protect nonprofit businesses and its employees with guidance on minimizing risks while maximizing their community impact. Nonprofits’ service and charitable giving initiatives are invaluable to families, and, in turn, any setback can result in devastating consequences to members within those communities.

The Gallagher Nonprofit Beat newsletter series provides quarterly insights into insurance, risk management solutions, claims management, management liability, affordable housing and more on both a local and global level. Tackling these topics with our knowledgeable experts and global expertise, nonprofit organizations will be able to build their futures with confidence.

Gallagher’s summer 2022 Nonprofit Beat explores topics to help nonprofits navigate the current insurance market, risk management and HR and benefits consulting issues.

Spring 2021

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The 2021 Spring nonprofit newsletter discusses the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability, inclusion and diversity and more for the nonprofit sector.

Winter 2021

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The Winter 2021 newsletter covers management liability, organizational and employee wellbeing, Special Olympics and the nonprofit industry.