The insurance world is lagging in diversity and inclusion. Gallagher Connect Partners is here to change that, providing our clients with risk management and nontraditional solutions to increase their diverse spend with a diverse group of suppliers.

What is Gallagher Connect Partners?

Gallagher Connect Partners is an inclusive network of minority-owned, woman-owned, veteran-owned, and other diverse, certified insurance firms that were strategically selected based on their unique specializations, shared values and proven ability to best serve our clients’ risk management, insurance and supplier diversity needs. As a team, we support the growth of Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) in insurance and help attract more diverse talent to the industry.

Our Approach

Higher targets on supplier diversity spend have left many companies seeking ways to meet their diversity goals, but meeting these goals through traditional suppliers can be challenging—that’s where we step in.

Gallagher Connect Partners cultivates relationships with certified diverse partners, combining Gallagher’s global resources with our partners’ specialized expertise. By working together, we drive the best results for our shared clients—ensuring they receive the local and diverse expertise they need, backed by the strength of Gallagher’s Global Brokerage. By helping our clients achieve their supplier diversity goals, as well as broader organization goals, we ensure our clients face their future with confidence.

Our Network

Above all, we take pride in the community we’ve built—a collaborative network of clients, partners, and Gallagher.


Our clients always come first; their best interest is our best interest. We deliver creative solutions born from collaboration with our specialized partners to provide world-class service to our clients.

"Investment in the small business community sometimes takes partnership. Gallagher Connect Partners enabled us to secure a larger global insurance broker while still partnering with a local, minority-owned firm."
– Gallagher Connect Client


With 65+ diverse certified providers licensed in 40+ states, our partners come from different geographies, backgrounds, and specialties. And these differences allow us to provide clients with the tailored expertise they need.

"Working with Gallagher allows me to bring expertise to any market I work with—from universities to airports and anything in between, I know that Gallagher has experience in that field."
– Gallagher Connect Partner


It is a core tenet of the Gallagher Way to provide excellent risk management services to our clients; when we can do that while improving diversity in the industry, we are all the better for it.

"Gallagher Connect Partners is born out of our shared value system and ethical tradition, which compel us to work in genuine partnership with others. We believe strongly in connecting with partners who believe in doing what is best for the client."
– Gallagher Connect Lead | Rodney Johnson

Gallagher Connect Partners

We provide our clients with risk management and nontraditional solutions to increase their diverse spend with a diverse group of suppliers.

Gallagher Connect Partners Summary

  • A growing network of 65+ diverse-certified partners in 40+ states
  • Providing tailored risk management programs to clients through partners’ local expertise and Gallagher’s global reach
  • Empowering clients to meet or exceed their supplier diversity goals through their risk management spend