A competitive benefits program helps you attract top talent and engage your employees and supports your organization’s goals. Gallagher’s Compliance Consulting practice partners with you and your Health and Welfare team to deliver the strategy, deep expertise and holistic approach to offer the best benefit program possible that works with compliance.
Strategic compliance guidance that supports your people strategy

Our Compliance Consulting experts work alongside our Health and Welfare team to create customized plans to help you meet the needs of your people while controlling costs and being compliant. Our compliance team helps you understand how the requirements apply to your health and welfare plans and minimize risk to the organization.

We provide compliance discussions, compliance reviews, strategic guidance, identification of compliance red or yellow “flags,” regulatory updates and urgent remediation assistance. We do this by monitoring federal, state and local legislation and regulations and provide strategic consulting on the short-term and long-term impact to employee benefit programs. 

Designing better compliance consulting services with Gallagher Better WorksSM
Our Gallagher Better WorksSM approach to compliance consulting:
  • Supports organizational wellbeing with HR guidance on benefit plan design that increases HR’s impact on organizational goals, and minimize financial and legal risk.
  • Offers competitive healthcare benefit plans to attract top talent and enhance employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing that strengthens employee trust that their health plan will be there when they need it and their privacy of their health information will be protected.
  • Improves career wellbeing with competitive benefits, increasing engagement and strengthening loyalty. Clear, practical legislative guidance helps your HR team communicate rights and obligations related to leave and post-employment.
  • Supports employee financial wellbeing with compliant, sustainable benefit plans that helps them saves on healthcare, reducing employees’ and the organization’s tax burdens.

Proactive guidance at key risk decision points

Today’s regulatory environment creates ongoing risks for your organization. Gallagher can help you stay on top of the changes. Our team is immersed in the details and legal issues surrounding healthcare reform and benefits. Together we can craft a proactive plan that reduces risk and addresses your unique compliance challenges.

Your Gallagher Health and Welfare consultant has access to a compliance help desk staffed by regional compliance professionals who understand the financial, operational and strategic ramifications of today’s regulations. Through your advisor, you have access to that expertise and to a team of specialists who understand the details and can deliver the support your overworked HR staff needs. Qualified advisors address pressing issues related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), ERISA, COBRA and more. You get the robust set of skills, tools and experience you need to handle your compliance issues—so you can focus on your core business.

Targeted Compliance Solutions

For many organizations, there are compliance requirements are unique. Our Compliance Consulting team delve into customer’s bespoke compliance concerns so they can focus on the core business. Examples of our work include:

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security consulting, employers can better manage their core HIPAA compliance requirements for things like written procedures and training, and gain peace of mind when their risk of a breach is reduced. Compliance conducts risk analyses of the issues and provides a report that will include an array of plan document solutions or a non-discrimination testing solution.
  • Document solutions can include proprietary ERISA plan solutions, non-ERISA plan solutions or cafeteria plan solutions. We offer a cost-effective way to meet the requirements for plan documents that identifies gaps and provides consistent reporting
  • The non-discrimination testing solution includes a detailed report for each of the enforceable IRS non-discrimination requirements and helps the client provide benefits that are non-discriminatory and enhances employee satisfaction with their benefits program.

Compliance Consulting Summary

  • Strategic compliance guidance
  • Healthcare reform 
  • Compliance resources and toolkits