What is ESG?

ESG encompasses a broad range of environmental, social and governance factors that entities consider when making decisions. ESG factors are used by investors, consumers and other stakeholders to assess behavior and ethical values, evaluate the future financial performance of organizations — especially long-term performance — and measure how the organization manages risk.

Empowering our clients to make a difference

Leveraging our network of professionals, we help our clients evaluate their ESG needs and goals, align those ESG priorities with the organization's mission and strategy, and support and incentivize the execution of those plans wherever possible. This can be done through leveraging our network of partners or direct consulting services and support.

Our consulting framework includes the following four components:


Help clients identify and evaluate their ESG vulnerabilities and areas of focus to develop an ESG strategy tailored to their industry and capabilities.


Based on the identified strategy, select areas of focus, prioritize based on impact and develop implementation plan.


Connect each client to Gallagher support and services as appropriate.


Review and improve ESG strategy and activities to support continuous improvement.

Helping clients across all aspects of ESG

Each organization has its own unique needs, and our network of ESG consultants is here to work with you to tailor an ESG program for your organization.

  • Climate change impact modeling: We leverage various data sets to run scenarios on different climate impacts to an organization's operational footprint, helping to prioritize mitigations and secure appropriate risk financing for an uncertain climate future.
  • Environmental stewardship assessment: Our team of industrial hygienists, environmental scientists and safety experts can conduct reviews of your facilities, and make recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce the chance of environmental contamination and loss.
  • Employee wellbeing: Gallagher offers a comprehensive set of Health and Welfare Consulting and Human Capital Consulting services including Human Capital Development and Management, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing Consulting, employee engagement studies and compensation equity studies. These services can improve organizational wellbeing by helping you meet employees' physical, emotional, financial and career needs.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) consulting: Given the current social climate, employee wellbeing has become a major focus in our workplaces. Business leaders are aggressively reviewing their inclusion and diversity strategies, and reaffirming their commitment to equity and justice. But the first step forward isn't always clear — that's why Gallagher's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Consulting group is here to help.
  • Supplier diversity program:One of our proudest initiatives has been the launch of Gallagher Connect Partners in 2018. Gallagher Connect Partners is our network of minority, women and other diverse certified partners, which we strategically selected based on their unique perspectives and capabilities. In addition to helping our clients achieve their supplier diversity goals, Gallagher Connect Partners gives our sales team access to over 60 Gallagher-approved partners focused on delivering high-quality solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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  • Board performance and management consulting
  • ESG consulting services: Gallagher leverages its enterprise risk management (ERM) expertise to help organizations identify their ESG exposures, align those ESG exposures with their mission and strategy, assess and evaluate their current ESG activities and identify gaps and possible resolution strategies.
  • Executive compensation reviews: We can assist our clients in building ESG performance metrics into executive compensation packages to ensure alignment and accountability.


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ESG Consulting Summary

  • Scalable ESG solutions for your organization's needs
  • Network of ESG consultants to help clients across the spectrum of ESG consulting
  • Service framework helping clients to strategize, prioritize, operationalize and optimize ESG goals

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