The Gallagher Fine Arts insurance and risk management coverages work with the world’s premier art institutions and galleries to protect and preserve some of the world’s rare valuable objects. Our team of risk management experts possess specialized knowledge and passion for the arts.

Creative solutions for a creative industry

Working with our fine arts clients requires a curator's eye combined with a risk manager's expertise. The Gallagher Fine Arts insurance and risk management practice has insured all facets of the fine arts industry from securing coverage for traveling exhibitions to insuring the value of a painting while it is being restored. With our London office, we have built a global coverage that is equipped to support worldwide cultural events with comprehensive risk management solutions.

  • Full range of insurance coverages. We offer a full range of risk management programs including all risk fine arts programs, property and casualty insurance, management liability, title professional E & O, cyber and security breaches and the ever changing needs of the art world.
  • Comprehensive coverage options and valuations. We use our expertise to make sure your valuables receive the best possible terms, coverage enhancements and broadest valuation.
  • Gallagher advantage. Using our manuscript policy wording, we have the binding authority to provide immediate and innovative solutions to meet you risk management needs.

Comprehensive fine arts consulting

We go beyond simply developing insurance and risk management programs for fine arts; we also help consult on all risk management matters relating to the operations of an institution. We can assist you with robust coverages to mitigate your exposures, so you are fully prepared for the unforeseen risks and can respond appropriately. Key areas we help with include:

  • Disaster preparedness. In case of natural or manmade disasters, we work with you to have a plan and resources in place to help you safely transfer collections to a secure location.
  • Cyber security insurance. As hacking continues to rise, we have developed insurance products and education programs that aid you protecting your data and close gaps to mitigate your liabilities.
  • Crisis resilience. Having a plan in place to respond to active shooters and terrorism is essential to protect your employees and patrons. Gallagher has developed an entire of coverage to help you be ready.

Insurance for the finest collections

We have experience working with the world's premier art galleries, personal collectors and institutions. From record-breaking exhibits to private collections, we have the knowledge and sensitivity to provide comprehensive risk management profiles for all facets of the fine art world. Our clients include:

  • Museums and cultural institutions
  • Art galleries, fine arts dealers and auction house
  • Large historic, sports and natural materials collections
  • Artists, artists' estates and artists' foundations
  • Corporate art collections
  • Non-profit organizations, universities and public installation art collections
  • Jewelers including manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers offering precious gems, materials and more
  • Fine art exhibits on display
  • High net-worth collectors and personal collections that include art, jewelry, wine, fur and collectibles.
  • Other high-net worth collectors and personal collections that include art, jewelry, wine, fur and other unique collections

The Gallagher Difference

The Challenge

A world-renowned art institution's premiums were higher than average because of the number of workman's comps claims due to carpal tunnel claims.

Our Action

We analyzed the employees, their work habits and discovered ways to improve moral and reduce overall coverage cost. Our team recommended more ergonomically appropriate chairs to alleviate the condition. We also created education programs that empowered museum employees with wellness recommendations and to be more engaged at work.

The Result

We were able to help the client reduce their claims by 150% while seeing a dramatic reduction in sick days. The client reduced their loss ratio and qualified for additional cost savings via a dividend plan for additional financial gain.

Fine Arts Practice Summary

  • Deep expertise on managing risk for art collectors, museums, galleries
  • Consulting on emerging risk-cyber and disaster planning
  • Negotiations for competitive premiums