Gallagher's Research & Insights team provides a complete portfolio of research, HR analytics, communication and consulting services to help you improve your organization's wellbeing.

Leveraging research and data and analytics to enhance your HR benefits strategy

To build an impactful HR strategy and benefits program to attract and retain talent, employers should maintain a keen awareness of their employees' needs. Gallagher's Research and Insights team works with organizations and HR professionals to enhance their human capital, benefits and total rewards programs. From survey development through strategic insights, we work with clients to gather the right data points, identify trends and create actionable insights to take your HR strategy to the next level.

Our clients span all industries, including:

  • Healthcare organizations — biopharmaceutical, medical device, health system and provider organizations
  • Retail
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Public Sector (Government, K-12 public schools)
  • Higher Education
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing

In-depth research + actionable insights = effective HR strategy

Staying on top of the evolving talent marketplaces requires properly interpreting analytics, identifying trends and translating them into action. Gallagher's Research and Insights team can help you achieve your goals through:

  • Employer market research. Surveys, opinion leader interviews, advisory board and focus groups
  • Strategy development. Customer targeting, market positioning, messaging and deployment
  • Custom research. Human resources, benefits, compensation and total rewards employer surveys
  • Communication and tactical support. Case studies, speaker programs and monographs

Our research and insights ensures reliable, relatable and actionable insights. Insights range in scope from comprehensive national compensation and benefit surveys published annually to custom surveys and research on a variety of topics. Our team crafts each report to help you make sense of complex data. You're better able to engage and activate with the guidance of practical and timely insights

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2023 Research and Insights Survey Catalog

Explore our full range of surveys from local to global markets and industries.

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The Employer Market Intelligence Service

The Employer Market Intelligence (EMI) Service helps you apply competitive research and outcomes data to steer strategy development, formulate employer calls-to-action, and leverage program guidance that targets maximum coverage. Your organization-wide access includes reports, live presentations, consultant inquiries and data query privileges. The Employer Marketing Intelligence service is ideal for jumbo employers, employer health coalitions and employer advisors.

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Managing your total rewards program with data and analytics

Employees are the biggest investment for any company. Our compensation and benefit surveys can help you make informed decisions to better attract and retain talent and improve employee and organizational wellbeing. When managing health and healthcare costs as part of the total rewards program, leveraging reputable data and analytics will enhance medication and service access, and drive adoption of innovative healthcare and total rewards solutions.

Our Research and Insights team is ready to empower your organization and HR strategy with knowledgeable research, actionable insights and expert strategy to succeed in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment.

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Research and Insights Summary

  • Employer market research including surveys, opinion leader interviews, focus groups, and advisory boards
  • Strategic research and benchmarking for employer human resources, compensation, benefits and total rewards programs
  • Strategy development for better customer targeting, market positioning, messaging and deployment
  • Communication and marketing solutions, including case studies, speaker programs, monographs and related services

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