Developing exceptional leaders can help your organization take the next step toward success. Your leaders drive workplace culture, engage teams and instill your organization's culture and values within teams. Whether you are a multinational organization or small privately owned company, the Leadership Advisors consulting team partners closely with you to leverage proprietary data and deep industry experience to prepare your leaders with the right leadership skills to face the future with confidence.

Data-informed training develops leadership expertise

Gallagher helps organizations create better places to work by helping them attract and develop leaders who are ready to lead with vision and excellence. We provide superior leadership assessment, coaching and development to enable leaders to take the performance, engagement and retention of their teams to the next level. We help organizations gather and leverage better data for results-driven decisions about their leaders.

With services such as selection, assessment, leadership structural redesign, organization assessment and coaching services, we work with you to take a strategic look at your talent and to pinpoint investment opportunities for your developing leadership. Our approach equips your leaders for success and helps your business develop and retain executive leaders to better face a complex future.

Key services of our leadership advisory solutions include:

  • "High Touch" Leadership assessment processes with our Industrial/Organizational psychologists that incorporate interviews, critical thinking and personality assessments
  • A five-step leadership integration process that accelerates growth and advancement
  • High potential leadership identification and development to ensure functional, cultural and organizational leadership success
  • Performance management that helps teams set and align goals, execute responsibilities and provide guidance in regards to ongoing development
  • Certified and trained coaches that provide leadership coaching to strengthen and transform leaders

Designing strategic and scalable leadership training programs

You've identified employees who have further leadership potential within your organization. To help them succeed and hone their leadership skills, Gallagher's leadership training consultants can help. Our leadership training programs are designed to bring about short- and long-term behavioral changes you are looking for in your leaders. We offer a range of programs for new and seasoned managers that are customized to your industry and organization's specific needs.

Our group leadership training is designed for organizations with a team of eight or more or can be for a team within your organization, helping your organization identify leadership styles. Group and team assessment, as well as group coaching, to understand how your team engages and problem solves together while helping to align their personal development to help support organizational goals.

Sample modules within group training may include:

  • Effective communications skills
  • Managing conflicts and difficult conversations
  • Coaching and managing for performance

Designed to help develop managers who have demonstrated the potential to become senior leaders. Our coaches provide a personalized assessment of the manager's skills and develop one-on-one sessions created to help the manager reach his or her full potential. Conducted over a three-twelve month period, executive coaching not only improves the manager's individual performance, but also that of the broader organization.

Our team helps you strengthen your organization's specific leadership skills through customized training. We work with you to tailor a training plan that focuses on your specific needs, such as interviewing skills, managing a diverse workforce or creating a framework for leadership, as either a stand-alone session or a complete leadership academy. All designed to help your organization face the future with confidence.

The leadership program facilitated by Gallagher provided exactly what our company needed to accelerate the growth of the manager of our technology team. The coursework, guidance and direct interaction with managers from other organizations provided exactly what our manager needed to take his skill to the next level.
Vice President, leading logistics and supply chain services

Gallagher Leadership Academy

Our innovative approach to training managers in the basics of managing others, providing effective direction and motivating their employees. The extended curriculum is aimed at behavioral change and incorporates insightful behavioral assessments, hands-on exploration.

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Organizational development

Gallagher's dedicated organizational development advisors work with your executives to focus on the future state of your organization's wellbeing. We work with your executive sponsors and create a customized approach that includes discovery interviews, analysis of business performance data and "deeper dives" into opportunity areas. We help your organization identify opportunities, establish a framework, and provide you with the tools and skills to implement the desired organizational change. Our research and data-driven organizational process includes:

  • Organizational assessments – A comprehensive review of an office, division or organization, designed to identify organizational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities along with opportunities for improvement. We work with you to understand the need and design an assessment to address the need and scope.
  • Organizational design – Our dedicated organizational design consultants work collaboratively with you to design an organizational structure to support your organization's culture, needs and customer needs.
  • Talent assessments – Help you see if you have the right people in the right roles with the right skill sets.
  • Culture assessment – Understand the individual behaviors, values and attitudes impact those of your organization.
Gallagher is a phenomenal partner for our organization. We have greatly benefited from their individual coaching and new leader assimilation programs, and appreciate their support of our employee development needs.
National Nonprofit Chief Human Resources Officers

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Leadership Advisors Summary

  • Leadership development training and executive coaching scalable to your needs: individual, group and organization
  • Research and data-driven approach to provide awareness and opportunities for leadership growth
  • Dedicated organizational development team to ensure you have the right people in the right roles

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