As we continue to grow, we hold fast to our heritage.
Our founder, Arthur J. Gallagher, gave us timeless values of integrity, respect, honesty and empathy, more than 90 years ago. Those are his true legacy.

A pioneer from the start
October 1, 1927

Arthur J. Gallagher wanted more. When he founded A. J. Gallagher, he had already enjoyed success as an independent agent, but he wanted his own business. The agency grew quickly by focusing on commercial insurance, building strong relationships and developing innovations the industry still benefits from today. A.J Gallagher first developed the concept of risk management.

Ingenuity and integrity

With the addition of two new producers, A.J. Gallagher was ready to grow and innovate even more. During this decade, he created The Hartford Group’s Retrospective Rating Program, which rewarded customers for minimizing their risks. But the most significant moment was when Gallagher wrote Chicago’s first large-deductible first policy for Bowman Dairy Co. It enabled the Dairy to stay in business save jobs during the Depression. These innovations helped the industry evolve to meet the needs of the customers.

Called to serve

When WWII broke, all of A.J. Gallagher’s sons proudly served their country in the Navy. Then all of the sons, John, James and Robert joined the company as the next generation of leaders.

National stage

In 1950, Art decided to incorporate so he could give each of his sons an equity interest, growing the business into a national presence by 1957. Chicago’s Beatrice Foods Company became their largest client to date. This was significant because they were able to take the business from their current broker, who happened to be the fourth largest in the county.

Responding to opportunity

Gallagher begins to provide life insurance and benefits.

1962: Gallagher partners with Sterling Bassett to form an industry-first claims management subsidiary for self-insured clients. This was a first for commercial insurance.

1963: Robert E. Gallagher was named President and CEO of Gallagher, positions he held into the 1990s.

Gallagher goes global

During the 70s, Gallagher gained momentum, top billings and an international presence.

1974: Co-founded Lloyd’s broker Gallagher, Hinton and Vereker Ltd. In London

1975: Gallagher opens Bermuda office for access to offshore, alternative markets

1975: Gallagher writes first self-funded employee benefits plan

1976: $10 million in revenue

1978: $25 million in revenue

Prospering as a public company

1981: Gallagher, Hinton & Vereker became the first subsidiary of a US broker to be accepted as a Lloyd’s broker.

1984: Gallagher went public an initial common stock offering.

1987: Gallagher was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “AJG”

1988: Gallagher Bassett was un-bundled from the Gallagher main business, so its products could be sold to non-Gallagher brokers.

The fourth largest broker

1990: CEO Bob Gallagher was named Chairman of the Board, John Gallagher was named Vice Chairman and J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr. became President.

1995: J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr. became Chief Executive Officer.

1997: Gallagher formed a domestic wholesale brokerage division to market wholesale services to retail insurance agents and brokers. Gallagher also established a joint venture in Australia.

1999: Based on 1998 revenues of $500 million, Gallagher was recognized by Business Insurance magazine as the world’s fourth-largest broker.

Making a difference with customers

2002: Gallagher celebrated its 75th anniversary and hit $1 billion in revenues mark. We were also recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the Fortune 1000 largest companies.

2004–2005: Gallagher was named to Forbes magazine’s Platinum 400 list of Best Big Companies.

2006: J. Gallagher, Jr. was appointed Chairman of the Board.

Growing through our strengths

2010–2016: Gallagher grows by nearly 300 acquisitions, giving us a global presence.

2016: 34% of Gallagher’s brokerage revenues and 15% of Gallagher’s Risk Management revenues were generated outside of the US.

2017–2018: Strategic Partnerships formed with Chicago Cubs, Premier Rugby, and Indy Race Car.

2012–2019: For eight consecutive years, Gallagher has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies®.

and we’re just getting started…