We know that affordable housing is bigger than a simple real estate transaction. It is the foundation of hope and new opportunity for individuals, families and communities. We believe in your mission to provide affordable homes and apartments and take the time to truly understand your operations, your portfolio, and the residents you serve. Our affordable housing consulting for nonprofits aids your organization with our customized tools and risk management expertise designed for your success. We look at the entirety of your organization from development and construction, asset management, social services and other community partnerships, all with the goal to help you build vibrant and strong communities. Our goal is to promote the health of your organization so the families that live in your communities feel comfortable and safe with hope for a brighter future.

Designed to protect affordable housing and provide safe homes for growing families

When we engage with you, we see beyond the houses and construction site. We see the family who is looking to grow, the child going to school, the single parent looking for a better life for their children and the individual needing hope and a fresh start. As the costs of real estate rise, more affordable homes and affordable apartments are needed for individuals and families to have access to quality and safe housing. We offer industry leading affordable housing consulting for nonprofits which include the same strategies and instruments we use to counsel our for profit clients to help successfully reduce their risk profile. By working with you to keep costs down and minimize exposure, we then in turn help you provide better and more affordable housing. Gallagher aids you across the range of your enterprise from specialized real estate portfolio strategies, benefits consulting to even corporate governance and board management.

Comprehensive affordable housing consulting for nonprofits for the entire ecosystem of development

Affordable housing is a complex space requiring insurance expertise and a compassionate focus on the needs of your residents, as well as the regulatory and compliance responsibilities upon your organization. In order to give you the best protection and advice, we are constantly educating clients, employees and partners about risk and contract analysis in the sector. Our strategies and programs are designed to aid you throughout the process from acquisition to operational units.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the excellent insurance products and, perhaps more importantly, advice we have received from Gallagher’s affordable housing team over the many years they have provided services to West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation.
Jesse Slansky, President and CEO West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation

Affordable housing risk management: Acquisition/Pre-Development/Construction

Affordable housing risk management for nonprofits is key to project success before the property is built or the ink is dry on closing. From the beginning, we help foresee risks and exposures before they become a problem. We are with you every step of the way to help you manage the expectations and responsibilities upon you, particularly from funding sources, and the partnerships you have built.

  • Risk assessment. From the beginning of the lifecycle we help with rehabilitation, renovation and new construction, especially with coordinating coverage within sensitive timing of financing.
  • Insurance placement. We use our expertise to work with carriers to obtain coverage of all types of construction and acquisitions including distressed sites.
  • Oversight and best practices. We work with you throughout the development phase to help set up a smooth transition to operational asset protection programs, including contractual risk transfer, quality control and compliance.

Managing affordable housing development projects’ assets

Continuous improvement and finding the correct affordable housing insurance for nonprofit organizations is vital for a healthy enterprise. We help you develop best practices and procedures that reduces your risk and protects your assets.

  • Affordable housing insurance best practices. We provide asset protection, implementing and maintaining risk management programs. We engage with property management staff, whether a third party or on your in-house team, as well as your administrative and program staff or volunteers to close gaps.
  • Affordable housing insurance placement. Our understanding surrounding the nuances of managed assets and business operations (including resident services) of nonprofit organizations and affiliates aids you in getting customized coverage.
  • Contractual risk transfer. We make sure you are protected throughout transitions with support and consultation for vendor and partner agreements.
  • Affordable housing and nonprofit liaison: We work hands on with lender and investor partners on insurance requirements, compliance and negotiations when necessary.

Affordable housing consulting and corporate governance protection

Our affordable housing consulting for nonprofits helps you with the day-to-day oversight of your risk management programs. We make sure you have access to the most competitive markets with the best information for tailored programs to support your goals.

  • Risk assessment. We analyze and help you develop corporate policies and procedures as well as provide management liability for corporate officers and your board of directors. We also aid your board with the best information so they can make better informed decisions for the health of your organization.
  • Insurance placement. We employ our expertise and carrier relationships to accurately define your insurable risk as well as facilitate robust discussions about your organization’s risk tolerance.
  • Strategic review. Internal and peer-to-peer benchmarking helps reduce your total cost of risk.
  • Claims management. Our proprietary claims management process aids you in closing out claims efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

Affordable housing consulting services and reviews

We are always working to help you improve and deliver better services to your community. We use data-driven measurement and affordable housing consulting, so you have confidence your organization and real estate portfolio are being managed as well as possible.

  • Reviews. You will be able to track developments or trends with the insurance and risk management program.
  • Training. Ongoing initiatives engage team members, focusing on preventing claims and reducing risk helping you educate and empower your team to be proactive.
  • Information. We help you stay ahead of affordable housing trends, locally and across the country, with actionable information.

About our Nonprofit clients

We are proud to be a leader in providing insurance and HR and benefits consulting to a wide array of Nonprofit clients. We work with many affordable housing developers and owners from project start into operations managing their risk through each phase of building new communities.

 Markets we serve   Clients we assist
  • 501 ( c ) ( 3) nonprofit organizations
  • Affordable housing developers (transitional, SRO, family, special needs, senior, home ownership, etc.)
  • Multifamily and mixed-use apartment owners
  • Low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC section 42) developments
  • Public housing agencies (PHAS)
  • USDA rural developments 
  • Gallagher’s Nonprofit practice represents 24,000+ clients globally, including.Affordable housing developers and owners
  • Educational institutions
  • National associations/chapters
  • National networks with multiple locations and charters
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with global footprint
  • Public institutions (zoos, museums, etc.)
  • Residential facilities (schools, nursing homes, public housing, etc.)
  • Social and human services
  • Vulnerable population services 

Affordable Housing Practice Summary

  • Hands on approach that supports your affordable housing mission throughout all transactions and day-to-day management
  • Key relationships to top markets for affordable housing projects of any size
  • Consulting and contract analysis throughout the entirety of your affordable housing development including acquisition, development and into operation

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