Every day, Gallagher Public Sector & K-12 Education insurance, risk management and consulting teams work to help schools, municipalities, state governments, special districts and pooling organizations manage risk. We focus on your risks so that you can focus on your business – of serving the public and educating students.

We look at the big picture within public sector & K-12 education.

We’ve been providing insurance and risk management services to government, public entity organizations and K-12 schools for more than 40 years. That gives us a broad perspective when we focus on risks. We help our clients consider risks across their entire enterprise as we advise them on insurance placements, risk management services, healthcare and pharmacy benefits, and human resources consulting.

We serve those who support the public good

Our public sector insurance and risk management practice works with all types of public entities, K-12 schools and pools, including:

  • Governmental entities. We have experience and relationships with governmental entities of all types including state governments, counties and parishes, special districts, cities towns and villages. Our special district clients include water, sewer, library, and fire districts. We also understand the risk management challenges of law enforcement agencies and emergency responders — fire, police, ambulance, search and rescue, detention centers, prisons and jails.
  • K-12 schools. Our K-12 school experience covers the breadth of educational operations. From health and welfare consulting to student travel, or from construction projects to human resource management, we can provide data-driven analysis to help you manage the risks. We work with:
    • K-12 public schools
    • K-12 private and independent schools
    • K-12 charter schools
    • Special education districts
    • K-12 school pools, consortiums and captives
  • Pools, consortiums and captives. For as long as we've been working with public sector and K-12 organizations, we've been helping them find efficient and effective ways to transfer risk. We've helped create more 100 public sector property/casualty and benefits pools, consortiums and captives and we can provide a full range of services in support of their operations.

Better benefits management through better measurement

From pre-retirement gaps to tech-empowered wellness, Gallagher Benefit Services public sector consultants are ready to help you manage your organization and its people through the use of data and analytics. We help you put programs into place that address your employees' most important issues. Our process provides data that shows trends and gaps that focus on organizational, physical and emotional, financial and career wellbeing. From there, we create holistic strategies and innovative solutions that address your most pressing risks and prevent future problems.

We deliver a world of public sector solutions

Benefits and HR consulting for employee wellness

  • Healthcare plan design and consulting
  • Human resources management
  • Total wellbeing and engagement strategy
  • Healthcare claims and data analysis
  • Consortium development and management
  • Employee communications
  • Pharmacy benefit management
  • Compliance consulting
  • HR and benefits administration technology
  • Collective bargaining support
  • Institutional investment and fiduciary services

Property and casualty products and services to manage any risk

  • Property, liability and workers’ compensation coverage
  • Directors & officers, school board legal, and errors & omissions coverage
  • Commercial surety & bonds
  • Cyber security insurance
  • Construction liability and builders risk coverage
  • Fine arts insurance
  • Environmental insurance
  • Crisis resilience (terrorism/active shooter)
  • Risk control services
  • Enterprise risk management consulting
  • Strategic risk analysis of insurable, partially insurable and uninsurable risks
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Dedicated claims advocacy

We help you manage all aspects of the insurance and claims process, including claims advocacy. We have dedicated claims teams who have relationships with all major insurance carriers and who work on your behalf to assure that claims are handled appropriately.

Gallagher has more than 40 branch offices and over 600 sales professionals dedicated to serving public sector and K-12 education clients.

Insurance Pools, Cooperatives and Consortiums

Insurance pools go by many names, and have structures as varied as the types of entities they serve. We have been creating, administering and brokers for public sector pools for decades. The advantages of pool arrangements include pricing stability, the customization of services and often, expanded coverage and risk management offerings. Our vast experience with pools means that we can help individual entities make informed choices about pool participation; we also help pools operate more successfully.

In response to the need for administrative services and pool leadership, Gallagher created Risk Program Administrators (RPA), a division that focuses exclusively on pool administration. RPA provides a variety of services, including board and meeting management, risk assessment and loss control services, exposure data management, cost allocation, claims review, claims management, issuance of certificates of insurance and contract review.

Public Sector & K-12 Education Summary

  • Comprehensive risk management and benefits practice
  • Deep niche understanding of the issues of the public sector
  • Transforming risk management into leading enterprise consulting
  • Insurance pool design and administration

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