Authors: Dorothy Gjerdrum John Chino Steve Cius Tony Abella Jr. James English


For many, July 1 insurance renewals were the worst they've ever experienced. We'll unpack why and work through the insurance market constrictions — including reduced limits, higher attachment points, coverage restrictions and higher prices. Our Property and Liability insurance experts will also help you prepare for the next round of renewals.

Two videos are available: one for Property insurance and another for Casualty insurance.

In these videos, you'll:

  • Learn about key market drivers.
  • Review July 1 results for the public sector, including K-12 schools.
  • Prepare for what's coming. What will the next round of renewals bring?

State of the Property Insurance Market

The Property market is still rising. Buyers are experiencing an extremely challenging renewal phase, driven by the hard reinsurance market and elevated catastrophe claims.

State of the Casualty Insurance Market

Pricing increases are beginning to ease for many casualty lines. A more rational market is emerging, but social inflation and nuclear verdicts will continue to challenge pricing trends.

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